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Dear Ashleigh,

I tire of trying to explain myself to the obvious bigots who are
clearly embellished in the movement to vindicate the Southland and
it’s people in this perpetual war against our people and culture.
They don’t seem to understand that I fight in this war everyday,
and am called upon as much. I spend and give away as much as most.
Sure I could go away and leave the matter to them. However, I shall
not and will not. I will never apologize for asking for donations
to help in this battle. I have killed several cars, and I have received
far less in donations than most people think. I am lucky if I receive
$50.00 every time I ask, and I don’t ask for myself; all I ask for
is the ability to go and help someone who believes that my presence
will help. I’ll put my efforts up against anyone who dare to show
their very own score cards in the matter. I give the bigots once
a year to vent on me, and they all can believe that they have had
their week. Should my presence not be wanted in Atlanta, believe
me I can stay at home. They can ask Nelson windbush, or my other
dear friend Stanley Lott to come; just maybe they can afford to
drive their cars on air, eat a pack of saltines, and if they get
tired, sleep on the side of the road like I have done many times.
I drive 38 miles round trip a day just to come to this computer
, and if I am lucky, I might have a sandwich from the night before
meal. I receive no pay from anyone; I place my faith in God, and
the kind hearted people who surround me, and believe in what I do
; and you can truly believe one thing, my help don’t come from all
the whiners who question how I pull this miracle off from day to