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Dear Kevin,

If you call the President of the Asheville Branch of the NAACP,
John Hayes, at (828) 281-3066, I am sure he will tell you that HK
Edgerton is not a member. He will also probably tell you what the
NAACP thinks of H.K. Edgerton and his efforts for Southern Heritage.
On one hand I have people accusing me of being an implant for the
NAACP, and on the other, those accusing me of being kicked out of
the NAACP for bankrupting the treasure of the organization. Suppose
you are a Life member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and you
quit paying your dues and leave, are you not still a life member;
how can you resign your life membership? If you are willing to listen,
he will probably tell you that H.K. Edgerton has been the biggest
thorn in the side of the NAACP since George Wallace. I am so very
disappointed in the actions of the NAACP that it sickens me. To
fight for the civil and human rights for all of God’s children as
a President of the NAACP was one of the most proud moments of my
life. That fight never included an attack on my Southern Heritage
, and the Branch that I Chaired never under my tenure had as a part
of it’s agenda an attack upon the Confederate Flag. I’ve have always
known by the teachings of my dear Mom who went to be with God, to
my knowledge as the very first Black woman to be honored with a
Confederate State Funeral, even though some members of the Black
community who she tirelessly served in so many ways, tried their
very best to dishonor her as they closed the doors of the oldest
Black church (Hill Street Baptist) in the City of Asheville five
minutes before the service was to take place, with the very table
of brotherhood that Martin Luther King always espoused. I caution
all who look upon disdain at the NAACP that you cannot look upon
all the members of the organization as such. There are those within
who speak out very vehemently about the hypocritical attack on the
flag, and believe very strongly that if any attack upon a flag it
should have been the Stars and Stripes. When you send 300 children
to a freshman class, and in the senior year, there are only 75 to
graduate, and ten of those have certificates of attendance; you
look around for some way to voice your disdain for it, and there
sits the NAACP, and organization that supposedly has the clout to
be heard, when your babies are standing on the corners with their
pants hanging down to their ankles, dealing drugs with no hope;
you hope that you can reach them because you have the clout of being
the President of an organization that is suppose to fight for them,
when old people are put out of their homes because of taxation and
condemnation procedures by a government that controls all the carrot
and grant monies to help them, but pockets the money and takes their
property; they come to the only place visible that they think will
fight for them; and I can tell you that many times I heard "Mr..
Edgerton, we know that you fight for Black people , but will you
help us please, and I did because my father a Baptist Preacher,always
told his children that Jesus loves all the children, Red, Yellow,
Black and White. I even heard Julian Bond say when he took the helm
of the NAACP that the word Colored no longer meant Black people
, but all people of color; yet he leads the fight on the civil rights
of my Southern family.