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An Open Letter To Joe

Dear Joe,

God bless you and both of my dear Jennifer’s , and Terry Lee sends
the same. I never did get a copy of Terri’s story of our visit to
Cross City. Terry Lee and I talk often of our visit there. We truly
believe that you and your Camps celebration of Black History Month,
set the stage for what many should follow in our Southland if she
is ever going to be justly vindicated for all the harm done to her
and her people.

My mom told me when I arrived home from walking to Texas, that I
had not done enough. Mom would remind me that the soldiers who had
worn the Southern gray had marched many a mile without shoes, food
, and had spent many a night in the elements of nature that was
not so often very pleasing, and then had to stand and fight his
brother ; yet now after making his noble stand, history records
him and his family who stood with him in a manner that he cannot
defend; look around son, you have not done enough. These people
who are my Southern family, and question my motives and integrity
deserve to have their feelings known ; If I cannot win over the
kindred spirits who call themselves Southern , then how can I or
anyone convince this nation that the South does not deserve the
kinds of attacks that we face daily as social and cultural genocide
has slowly become a fact of life for Southern people ? The irony
is that a lot of people don’t understand that the only thing we
have left which identifies us as Southern , is our Flag. We have
watched as our mores and moral social structure have been slowly
legislated away. We now mirror the rest of the nation; our children
now need police in the school house, a place where we use to have
our father who art in Heaven, and a four foot seven inch tall lady,
with a paddle and a soft voice who responded with a smile to no
mam, yes mam, thank you sir, and please, when uttered by the babies
of her school in which she was the law. We now live with drive by
shootings, gangs, traffic jams, immoral property taxes, buildings
everywhere, illegal immigrants, and the list goes on. I have no
idea what it takes to change the hearts of men . I do know that
there is a lot of hate that fuel the fire of this battle between
the Southern and Northern people , and it is one that does not discriminate,
for in all that hating, we began to hate those we profess to love.
I understand now more of what it must have been like for Jesus ;
the very people that he loved and performed so many miracles for;
turned their backs on him in total condemnation of his charge. Is
there a lesson to be learned ? I can only embrace the Pat’s and
Ellen’s and Kevin’s for they are after all Southern, and should
after all set the bar for what is enough. I would love to finish
my March to the White House , but just maybe I should adorn the
uniform of the Southern Soldier, pick up his glorious banner , start
marching from North Carolina, right into New York City,bungee jump
from the Stature of Liberty with declarations of the love of my
Southland, and of those who look like me who earned a place of honor
and dignity under the flag in my hand .

Your Brother,

From: Sparrow []
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Subject: what??

Hello HK, thank you for y’alls emails as to what is going on.
I confess I don’t know just what is going on or why. I do see
and read things that make me sad and confused(yes, and mad) I
also find it hard to believe what I read. I have my own thoughts
on what people say. All I can put into the mix is our great experience
when you and Terry Lee were here in Feb. I have never seen people
keyed up for what happened at that time. I don’t know what to
say or do to help you and therefore I feel as if I have let you
down. I hope that people come to their senses and stop playing
follow the leader. I also know that there are many others feeling
the same way, we have had more than enough discession in the ranks
without this!! Stay well and give our very best to Terry Lee.
What y’all did for us in Dixie County will always be remembered
and appreciated!! God Blee you both. Bro. Joe and the 2 Jennifers