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NASCAR Confederate Flag

Dear Mike,

I have one of the infamous Grayson Jennings NASCAR Confederate Flags
for you. I look very much forward to my upcoming speech in Cleveland,
Ga.this Saturday. I understand that some very influential people
from that community will be there. I shall deliver to them some
of your mighty fine books. I am also looking forward to my coming
out speech in Sparta, Tn. on the 19th. My Tennessee family is determined
that my flag not go furled; I suppose this is the shortest vacation
of my life; it has ended before it begins, and I am energized. It
is the friendship and support from folks like you , the Tribune
and of course my very dear friend and brother Dewey Barber of Dixie
OutFitters that give me hope that to carry on no matter what the
obstacles are, is the right thing to do for myself and my babies
who look to me daily for help and guidance as we see our heritage
destroyed via the same reconstruction modus operandi that our ancestors
faced. There are times that I feel like David when he faced Goliath
; nothing but stones to throw at a foe who has unlimited resources
at his beckoning. However, faith has carried me down this road that
I travel, and I need very little creature comforts, so I shall fight
until the battle is won, for I truly believe that in God’s plan,
the South shall have a glorious vindication.

Your Brother,