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An Open Letter / Thanks

Sunday, May 20, 2007

On Friday May 11, 2007, A small school in Marion, North Carolina, (Marion Christian
Academy) would open up it’s campus to the Sons of Confederate for a day long
event of discussion and lectures honoring the soldiers and those who supported
the Confederate army during the period that the South found itself in bitter
conflict with it’s brothers and sisters of the North. Alongside the Sons National
Field Representative, I would lecture about the honor earned by those men and
women of the South who just happened to look like myself. My only regret of
the day was that I would have to leave early for an 11 hour drive to George
Town, Delaware to deliver the keynote speech to a monument dedication that would
also bear the name of a Black Confederate Sailor along with his White brothers
in arms.

I am as well as the students and staff of the school extremely grateful to the
Tennessee Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Tennessee Order
of the Confederate Rose for their generous donations that allowed Southern Heritage
411 to present to each student of the school a Dixie Outfitters shirt that bore
the likeness of Black Confederate Soldiers as well as the historic HK Edgerton
Modern Day Confederate Hero shirt. I only wish that AL Sharpton, Jesse Jackson,
and the entire Board of Directors of the NAACP could have been present to witness
the sight of not only all the Confederate flags on the campus grounds, but also
the sea of Dixie OutFitter shirts worn proudly by these mostly white babies
that depicted the Black Confederate Soldier. I would also like to thank the
following individuals who donated to this event : MR.. Mark Schonbrun, Ms.Lunelle
Siegel, MR..Ashleigh Moody, Mr..Randolph Nelson Waller,Mr..Jarvis Dean, Mr..&
Ms.Larry & Becki Powell, Ms.Jeanie Wilkerson, Alan Howell of Dixie Barbecue,
Mr..Wilson O.Shealy,Jr., and Commander Jim Maddux of the Tennessee Division
of the Sons . May God bless the Principal, Staff and Brad Harmon of the Sons
who put on this event.