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An Open Report / Dedication Day Ceremonies

June 1, 2007

As I prepare to deliver the keynote addresses in Knoxville, Tennessee
on Saturday June, 2 in the Old Grey Cemetery, (the oldest public
cemetery in Knoxville) and at Elm Wood Cemetery on Sunday, June
3, 2007 in Springfield, Tennessee , for the Decoration Day Ceremonies
to honor the Confederate dead ; I cannot help but to feel the tremendous
honor bestowed upon me the grandson of former slaves. For those
Black Confederate Veterans who fought side by side with their White
Compatriots, and attended veterans meetings for many decades I shall
speak . For those Africans and their White families who stayed at
home and were victims of sanctioned Federal government acts of violence
against unarmed men and women ; I shall speak. I shall speak of
the ploy of revisionist Northern historians who cast the Confederacy
as the real villains of the War Between the States, and slavery
as the reason for their entrance into this epoch. I shall speak
of the irony of what had to be the greatest missionary mission of
God, even in lieu of the economic institution of slavery , and the
shackles that bound so many bodies ; because for those who were
headed to a place called the Southland of America, they would learn
of Jesus Christ from men like the Honorable Reverend R.L.Dabney
, General Stonewall Jackson , and General Robert E. Lee who would
free all those slaves he inherited, yet who felt powerless to change
their their human conditions, and like many Southerners braved the
terrors of public opinion, and taught their slaves to read the scriptures.
Finally I shall tell those gathered, that it was the modus operandi
of love taught by these men from the Christian Bible that a man
called Master, and the other called Slave, found for each other
in the Southland that kept them side by side in the greatest conflict
to ever face this nation, and all the evils perpetrated by that
man who was to be their conqueror to push them apart during the
so called period of Reconstruction , and modernist propaganda, and
disinformation that has been repeated over, and over in our schools
, media, churches and homes until it now is assumed as truth .

As Chairman of the Board of Advisors Emeritus of the Southern Legal
Center, and now President of Southern Heritage 411, an organization
that strives to illuminate the truth as it pertains to the real
experiences of blacks and whites in the South as they have struggled
together to maintain the principles of a limited, democratic and
representative government as espoused by America’s founding fathers
; I am honored to bring forward the table of brotherhood in these
two important events as a proud Son of the South.