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Nathan Bedford Forrest Childhood Home Living History Re-enactment /An Open Report

On Friday , June 22, 2007, at the invitation of Commander Jim Maddox
and State Lt.Commander Mike Beck of the Tennessee Division of the
Sons of Confederate Veterans, I would travel over the mountains
and join them on Saturday morning at the Living History Re-enactment
on the beautiful grounds of the Honorable General Nathan Bedford
Forrest childhood home in Chapel Hill, Tennessee. As the commencement
ceremony began, one of my dearest and best friends, Stan Morrison
who would on this day once again assume the role he has become famous
far, that of General Forrest. The General would ask me to come forward
and take the reins of his horse as he delivered to the crowd gathered
his welcoming address.

As I stood there the General would heap words of praise to those
gathered of my endeavors to help in the glorious cause to vindicate
the memories of General Forrest and the people of the Southland
that he fought so nobly far. I could not help but to wonder what
the men like the Honorable Napoleon Nelson, the grandfather of another
dear friend of mine , Nelson Windbush of Lakeland, Florida , and
all the other Africans who rode off with the General and who now
rest in peace alongside the General in Heaven might also be thinking
as I stood there so very proud as they would have in a moment of
love for the man called Forrest.

I can only express gratitude to not only Commander Beck and Commander
Maddox, but also the entire Tennessee Division of the Sons of Confederate
Veterans and their leader Dr. Bradley who has on so many occasions
expressed to me that I was more than welcome to attend any event
that he would be present , as they and all present extended their
hands of brotherhood to myself and all the other African descendants
and their children who play on the grounds on this day at the home
of a man who like all the soldiers who wore the Confederate gray
who now find themselves and their historic stand depicted by this
nation and those who write about them denigrated in a moment of
shameful untruth.