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An Open Reply / League of The South / Republican Party Education Committee

Dear Jason,

Several years back I was issued a criminal trespass citation warning
the University of Texas police as I stood with the Southern Cross
giving a
hand salute before the monument of the Honorable President Jefferson
At that very moment I had been trying to figure out where I was
going to get
the funds to rejoin the League of the South. As it turned out I
had to
divert my funds elsewhere. The League is made up of folks who are
Southerners and don’t give a hoot about letting anyone know this,
or about
their devotion and support of the policies that lead this nation
separation from the criminal policies of the North that nearly bankrupted
the South . That will get you called racist. It was the League who
saved my
Historic March Across Dixie when we ran out of money as we headed
Gainesville, Georgia , it was it’s President who came out with other
of his
members when we crossed into Louisiana on this very same journey
to bring my
brother and I not only more monetary support, but also encouragement
continue on with the acknowledgement that this organization would
be there
for us all the way to Texas as we carried a message of the loyalty,
and a
place of honor and dignity earned by those Africans who stood by
Southern family in the great American tragedy called the War Between
States. I have found racism in far more places than in the rhetoric
of the
League or its members who have the courage to tell truths that others
but are too afraid to speak because it puts into jeopardy their
places and bank accounts. Otherwise , how can you explain to me
how any
White man of the South, let alone a Black one , feel comfortable
at a
Republican Party function with an Abraham Lincoln impersonator parading
around and claiming this Party to be the Party of Lincoln ; how
can you
explain to me how the mayor of this town can have a committee made
up of
Southern war veterans whose charge it is to present a program for
Day, and they put the Battle Hymn of the Republic on the program
which is a
testimony of the Southern soldiers and innocent civilians murdered
in the
War Between the States, how can you explain to me how a prominent
raise funds for Rudy after he gave his speech in Yankee stadium
touting the
accomplishments of the people of the North, and one of them being
coming to
the South to free the slaves, how can you explain to me people of
the South
and this Party in the South raising millions and embracing John
McCain who
led the way to stop Memorial Services in the National Park for Confederate
Soldiers if the Southern Cross is present ? So much for the League.

I spend far too much time on the national scene trying to stop
the social
and cultural genocide of my southland and the criminal activities
of those
who hate all things Southern and will stop at nothing to accomplish
agenda as they force my babies to remember their Southern ancestors
shame, especially in the public school system that was established
here in
the Southland in 1865 to accomplish those ends as well as to divide
separate Southern Blacks and Southern Whites. In complete fairness
to the
Party and to our President and committee that selected me to head
Education Committee ; I don’t think you really know what you ask
of me , and
are ready to accept what you will get. This nation spent far too
much time
inculcating into the thinking process of her people an agenda
of divide. It
now has a new slave illegal immigrants), who have access to all
the perks
earned by the American people ; they vote , hold credit cards,
have access
to medical treatment, housing, and just about anything else you
can think of
that is suppose to be held for those who are citizen. Now you
just think
about just how many of our Yankee friends are going to stick around
when I
require first that they all read a copy of Mike Scruggs Un-Civil
War, and
then pass them out to all those voters you want in this Party.
Until we
understand history ,we cannot change the things that are. This
war is the
reference place to all things happening around us and our supposed
Constitution now. You can reach me at either(828) 273-1991 ) and
mornings if I’m in town at : (828)669-5189. I look forward to
the first
committee meeting, and to explain my
thoughts on it’s charge.

HK Edgerton

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Re-enactment /An Open Report

HK, it was good seeing you at the meeting last night. I have forwarded
email to some folks that needed to see it as well. I have several
that I wanted to ask of you as I think you have a very interesting

Are you or have you been active with the league of the south?
Are they a
racist organization like some people say they are or are they
by many people?

Are you fairly active with the local Republicans and will you
be putting
together that committee that you spoke about last night?

Do you have a direct office number where I might be able to reach

I am quite interested in many of the issues you fight for and
want to learn
more about what I might can do to help. Thanks.

Jason Cook