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Republican Action Club Meeting / An Open Report

Last evening, Thursday July 19, 2007, I would have the honor of
addressing the members and their guest of the Asheville, Buncombe
County Republican Action Committee. It was a most enjoyable experience
especially when I finally got it off my chest as I had at the Executive
Committee meeting of the Republicans, that this party was not the
Radical Republican Party of Lincoln and that one of the chief reasons
that far too many Blacks did not join our Party was because of the
continued reference that it was. I have to believe that many Southern
Whites feel the same way, but probably for different reasons. Many
of them can remember the tyranny committed against their ancestors
by the Radical Republicans before and after the War Between the
States especially during the period of so called Reconstruction
when thank God for the Red Shirts and the Ku Klux Klan who save
a many Black family from annihilation as they were being forced
to vote for those Republicans who would not even allow the White
man of the South who had ties to the old Confederacy to vote.

I too would learn some very disturbing things from those present.
One of the kindest and most generous White ladies that I have ever
had the honor and pleasure of knowing, told a story of an encounter
with a black man who pointed to the Republican button that she wore
on her chest and proclaimed that she was a racist because she wore
it. If he had only known the many times that I had leaned on this
lady for her support on critical issues that faced the black community
when I was an NAACP President , and received it . I told her that
it was tantamount to what was happening to the honorable people
of the South in regards to our honorable flag, and heritage ; my
children forced fed lies in the public school system about the causes
of the War Between the States and made to remember their honorable
ancestors in shame while proclaiming that there was some kind of
love and mission to rescue the African people from the economic
institution of slavery while they were generally the ones who promulgated
it , and continued it even after the Southern leaders beg them to
stop bringing more and more Africans into this country, much like
the new slaves that are deemed illegal now. I told those present
that the powers of the media in this county and most of the nation
are biased against the Republican party and certainly against the
Southern Cross, as they spread their rhetoric claimed to be fair
and unbiased with the knowledge that most who read it will take
it as so. The Chair lady told me how she had applied to have a booth
at a traditional annual Black Festival (Goombay Festival ), and
how the papers were withheld by the staff of the YMI Cultural Center
until the application deadline was past, and then told after she
continued to ask for it that she would have to pay an extra $50
in a very nasty manner. I felt shame because I know that the intentions
from these my fellow Republicans is a continued effort to reach
out to the Black people of this community to help find resolution
to the social and economic problems that plague them. I told those
present that I would soon finish a March to the Nations Capitol,
in hopes that the President would end this Cold War between the
North and South , and give the justifiable vindication to my homeland
that had been so wronged by those who proclaimed victory , and in
that victory via the media and public school system had not only
turned Southern Whites and Southern Blacks against each other, but
also our very own children against their ancestors ; especially
with the historical exclusions of the honor and dignity earned by
a man called Slave who had found a love for a man he called Master
in lieu of the worldwide economic institution of slavery and all
the supposed evils that only the Southern man has been found guilty

I would be invited to speak to the 11th Congressional District Caucus
at a later time. My only hope is that as we approach a National
Re-union of the Sons of Confederate Veterans that I be extended
the same kind of invitation for I have much to tell of the events
of this past year , and am in dire need of their support for the
upcoming planned events.