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An Open Letter / The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Last week I posted a letter from a lady who professed some very
ugly things about White people of the South and her twisted interpretation
of the Southern Cross and it’s meaning ; while the sad thing is
that she was White , and in all probability a transplant, from the
North . After that posting, approximately 125 people who are on
my email list requested that they be removed. It was as if I had
written the email. There was a time when I would only post the Good,
but that is too much like history revision, and I have seen far
too much of that. I wish that everything that I post would be of
nothing but good . However, it would not be fair to my babies like
Ms. Candice Hardwick of Latta, South Carolina , my babies in Blount
County, Tennessee , or my baby girl who attends Eustis High School
in Eustis, Florida , to not let those whose support both fiscal
and humane they desperately need to help them in the honorable stands
they have made for those Southern men and women who now lie in their
graves and cannot speak or help themselves.

Had this woman walked with me on my Historic March Across Dixie
or any of the places I have journeyed carrying the Southern Cross,
she would soon come to know that the tautology ( a needless repetition
of an idea ) she puts forward is not accepted by the sons of former
African slaves as truth. Those of us who call ourselves Southern
have an esprit de corps no matter the trials and tribulations that
we face as humans ; that when the day is done , it is one of love
for the Whites we are among , and our call for social vertical mobility
is a plea for reciprocation for the honor , loyalty and dignity
earned by our ancestors who stood by that man in the South that
we not only called Master , but also family , at a time when his
very own brother demarcated from the principals of a Constitution
that they forged together .

I know that my Dear mom and dad who now rest in Heaven can look
the Honorable General Robert E. Lee , and General Cleyburn, and
General Stonewall Jackson in the eye with pride knowing that the
name of Edgerton that their children carry is a stanchion for their
homeland, the Southland of America, and that is the Good, no matter
the Bad or the Ugly .

Your Brother,