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The Confederate Coffee Mug

God bless Commander Jim Maddox of the Tennessee Division of the
Sons of Confederate veterans on today , his 55 birthday

After closer review of the issue concerning the circumstances
surrounding the souvenir coffee mug used by Department of Public
Safety Commissioner John A. Danaher III of Hartford, Connecticut,
I can see why the Black folks there would be up in arms. They
are loyal Yankees, and there is nothing wrong with being loyal
to your homeland. As a former head of an NAACP Branch, I would
caution Mr.. Scot X. Esdaile, President of the Connecticut State
Conference of NAACP Branches, don’t lay the racism that you and
other Blacks are feeling in Yankee land off on the South. You
are feeling just what your ancestors felt as that part of the
country tried it’s best to purge the African from it’s territories,
and that doesn’t even come close to it’s complicity in the slave
trade, and tell your newspaper people to get it straight about
the South’s attempts to keep slavery legal, and even better yet
; those reporters of the Hartford Courant ought to pass along
to Mr.. Esdaile, and amongst themselves one of the fairest and
most remarkable books that I have read ; How the North Promoted,
Prolonged, and Profited from Slavery –" Complicity",
written by Anne Farrow, Joel Lang, and Jenifer Frank of their
very own Hartford Courant, before they start they start the usual
Yankee press indictment of the South and our glorious Flag. They
are in denial and their actions should be a wake up call to Southern
Blacks who should embrace the Confederate Flag just as their ancestors
did who earned a place of honor under it. The only problem here
is that when the ugly head of racism and prejudice lifts up it’s
ugly head anywhere in this nation , it becomes easy to just blame
it on the South, our symbols, and our honorable people with attempts
to divide us with your distorted lies of history.