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My Flag / An Open Letter

As I stood over the bridge of Interstate 40 / 240 West in Asheville,
North Carolina this past Sunday, August 5, 2007 , and again this
morning August 6, 2007 on Main Street in downtown Black Mountain,
North Carolina , Confederate Battle Flag in hand , listening to
the many honks and returning the multitude of waves and shouts of
those who pass me by ; I could not help but feel total pride in
the reception I was receiving , and it was even further more rewarding
because a great deal of this came from Black folks . As an Activity
Bus passed me by loaded with White and Black children waving and
shouting , my thoughts would go to the Summer Youth Camps that were
the brain child of the Honorable Ron Wilson, past Commander of the
Sons of Confederate Veterans ; I wished that there was a way to
encourage the many young Black children who always seem to look
at me in awe and admiration when I attend parades, re-enactments,
or just plain hanging out with my flag ; to attend these youth camps,
so that they too would learn not only of the great White men who
fought and died for their Southland, but also of the Black men like
Napoleon Nelson, Holt Collier, Levi Carnine, and Reverend Mack Lee,
and not to forget the Honorable Black women who also proudly contributed
in a major way to the Confederate cause.