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Comments On Article, “He Won’t Put Dixie Down”

Webster defines solitary as being or apart from others; sole or
only. Comic is defined as laughable, funny, and a comic strip as
a group of cartoons in narrative sequence. An oddity is defined
as an additional to what is usual. The writer below Mr. Postelle
of the Mountain Express Newspaper presumes to assume that I, H.K.
Edgerton am the only Black man to take up the mantle for the Confederate
Cause. I believe that some of my dearest Black friends like the
Honorable Nelson Winbush, Stan Armstrong, Stanley Lott, and my very
own little brother Terry Lee and a host of others would take offense
to that depiction; not to mention the likes of Eddie Page of Atlanta,
Reverend Greer of Texas, and the Honorable Doctor Emory from Dallas
who now reside in Heaven and have prominent seats of honor at the
table of brotherhood alongside the Honorable General Robert E. Lee,
and the many Black Confederates like Amos Rucker of Atlanta who
was mentioned in an article just last week in the Hendersonville
Tribune, who would also take offense to any efforts of anyone who
fights for the recognition of the role and place of honor earned
by them and their families in the Southland of America alongside
that man they not only called Master, but also family and friend.

Mr. Potok just like his master Morris Dees, have made a living
pitting White and Black folks in the South against each other.
He and the moles who sent him the story they printed in the so
called intelligence report are no different than the Southern
scalawags and outright traitors who climbed into bed with the
carpetbaggers and thugs from the North during so called Reconstruction,
and when found out or confronted about their misleading rhetoric,
always retort to name calling, and the usual scandal mongering
modus operandi to help cover their lies. If he knew that I was
on a sojourn, then why did he publish the story he printed. If
he and Dees didn’t pay that much attention to me, why did he print
the article? I already know why; he like Dees, wish in their weak
hearts so hard that I had gone away, and thought that they had
found a way to discredit myself and the efforts of the organizations
(Southern Legal Resource Center, Sons of Confederate Veterans,
and Southern Heritage 411) that I have served to bring about vindication
for my homeland; the Southland of America, and her Honorable people
whose history has been distorted by a dishonorable conqueror to
cover his crimes.

The time is long past due for all of you who claim to be Southern;
Red Yellow, Black and White, to step up to the table with your
resources, both fiscal and humane, and see the likes of people
and organizations like Dees and Potok for what they really are;
Poverty Pimps, and help those of us who are truly fighting an
honorable fight to vindicate our homeland and America. Stop sending
your hard earned money to those who would keep us apart, and shame
our ancestors, and beat down our children who show pride in being
Southern. The real comedy here, is that far too many of you won’t
open up your eyes to the truth.

Your Brother,

H.K. Edgerton

He won’t put Dixie down