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David “Mudcat Saunders An Open Letter Reply To Comments by Rick Jenkins, N.C. Vice Chair of the Buncombe County Republican Party /

In the October 4, 2007 issue of the Asheville Citizen – Times, the Second Vice Chairman For Event Coordination , for the Buncombe County Republican Party , Mr.. Rick Jenkins wrote in an article titled: Mudslinger’s presence at event is a shame for local Democrats. Mr.. Jenkins writes in his article that the North Carolina Democratic Party should be ashamed for inviting David “Mudcat Saunders to deliver their keynote speech at their largest annual fund raising event, “the Vance -Aycock dinner ” ; primarily because Saunders sleeps every night under a Confederate Flag bedspread. Mr.. Jenkins went on to say that to some of the good people of this city , the Confederate flag is a symbol of hatred, not heritage , and this is the best the Democrats can do for a keynote speaker.
As the recently appointed Chair of the Buncombe County Republican Party Education Committee, and one who is about to commence the 5 year Re-Union March of the Historic March Across Dixie carrying the very same flag, adorned in the uniform of the Southern soldier that apparently offends Mr.. Jenkins , along with the very same message that I delivered in a letter to George W. Bush at a Town hall Meeting (while traveling at the invitation of my Republican Compatriots to the State Capitol ) ; my homeland and it’s people face social and cultural genocide as well as mayhem, all because their only crime is to bear the symbol of their ancestors who fought an invader of  their homeland , and who are now being forced to remember their ancestors with shame. 
Mr.. Jenkins who in all probability hails from the North and lacks the knowledge that the Honorable Zebulon Vance , one of the events namesakes , was a Colonel in command of the 26th North Carolina Confederate Regiment, and later served as Governor of North Carolina during the War for Southern Independence. I am also proud to note that several years back , the North Carolina Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans presented me with their Vance Award. Who better to speak at such an event that carries his name than someone who sleeps proudly under his flag ?
I can plainly see now that the Republican Party not only needs to be educated about refraining from calling this Party, the Party of Lincoln , but also needs to educate some of these newly transplanted Northerners to our homeland that Mr.. Jenkins refers to as good people of the city , that there are a majority of us loyal Southerners who are still inhabitants of this beautiful city who don’t buy into the revisionist history that has been forced upon our children and populous , and that we recognize that we have again been invaded by those who come here and have invaded our boards , commissions , councils and schools while delivering the very same Reconstruction rhetoric aimed at inculcating into our thinking processes shame of our ancestors and our honorable symbols , and even the Christian ethics that clearly spell out who we are as a people .
I don’t know Mr.. Saunders, or anything about his positions in the body politic. However, I am one who is truly glad to see a Democrat,  after listening to the attacks by Hillary, Obama , and the likes of Southern traitors like John Edwards on our flag  ; show pride in his heritage . However, I know that the love loyal Southerners have for of our Southland and symbols supersedes any political party ties , and no matter how much you slander the Confederate cause , it’s people , and symbols , as you come again ; there shall always be some entity , no matter how small to stand against you. The Republican party should take note and invite someone like myself to speak at their major fund raiser who too sleeps under a Confederate Flag blanket !