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The Attack On The Edgerton Home Place

On Saturday September 29, 2007 in the upscale neighborhood of the Montford community, unbeknownst to the father who was away on business, a birthday party for little Natasha Edgerton who would enter her teenage years would commence. Before the nights end , a group of thugs and children far older than Natasha would descend upon the Edgerton home ; uninvited, wreaking havoc and unruly behavior never before seen in this quiet community.
Before the nights end, a mothers young child would lie on the cold pavement with a gun shot wound to his head; fighting for his life that was and is still in jeopardy of coming to a far too early end. Also beside him would be two young 17 year old girls shot , and also because of their advanced years should never have been at the Edgerton home. Neither should the more than 100 or more other uninvited persons, many of whom after police investigation were discovered to be 20 years old or more and members of fast growing gangs that now inhabit the streets of what use to be our small home town. 
As a former President of the Asheville NAACP, some years back, the now retired Police Chief Will Annarino had warned myself, the presiding politicians, and other so called community leaders about this problem. Instead of heeding the Chiefs warnings ; our politicians were more concerned with building more houses, more shelters, and spaces to change our small town into an entity that now resembles places like New York City.
Our once small town image in the heart of the Bible belt where yes sir, no sir, yes mam, no mam, the Lord’s prayer opening up our children’s school day ; with this new age politically correct leadership whose only thoughts are a fixation on profit has changed the landscape of our community. Easy access to Housing Authority units, welfare and other governmental subsidies made easily accessible to our young girls farther increase the incidence of babies having babies with no real parental leadership in these new households , mostly void of father.
The attack on the Edgerton home is not the last of its kind in this once family oriented town where real ministers, truant officers, teachers, and the community at lodge disciplined and raised our children together in love. The false faces that far too many supposed leaders put on when incidences like this occur , and the pretense they give like they are going to do something about it is sickening, and the babies know and understand that they are just buying time to let the storm past ; and you can believe that they have no respect for them, no matter what title precedes their name.
Our small home town with affordable living spaces, and a Christian ethic that had a precisian in every community has now been 
 turned into a megalopolis where anything goes for the sake of those who would change us .