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Perry of Texas

As I make my final preparations for Saturday morning, October 20, 2007 to began a RE-union March of the Historic March Across Dixie to the Republic of Texas , I am not surprised to see the one man in Texas ( Rick Perry ) other than George W. Bush himself, who was most responsible for removing the Confederate Seal and the Honorable Robert E. Lee’s testimonial plaque to the men of Texas from the Supreme Court building , endorsing for President  ( Rudy Giuliani ) ; a man who would stand in Yankee stadium after September 11, touting the accomplishments of people from the region of the country known as the North, and foremost in those accomplishments he went on to say was the North coming to the South to free the slaves. What I am surprised of is how so many Southern people can continue to support with their money and votes , those who would continue to stick their thumbs into the eye of Southern people with their Reconstruction rhetoric which always leaves the Southern people as the provocateurs of the worldwide economic institution of slavery, all it’s ills , and most certainly the War Between the States.
All along the way on this March , I shall tell my Southern family and this nation,  that it is high past the time for Southerners to continue being the footstool for America , as our children are forced to remember their ancestors in shame. I shall tell all who will listen how young Candice Hardwick of Latta, South Carolina would dare make a stand for not only her ancestors, but all those Southerners, Red ,Yellow, Black and White,  who when called upon by their leaders to defend their homeland against an invader who was hell bent on defying and circumventing the very Constitutional law that brought them together to flee one tyrant, to only face another in Lincoln whose actions were synonymous to those together they had fled ;  was so beat down in the school she attended , and asked by the Federal Court that she had gone to seek relief to prove that her display of Confederate symbols would not be offensive or disruptive , when they had implicit evidence that in the three years that she had been terrorized by the staff of the school , that there had been no disruption or comments of offense, other than by those who should have embraced Candice’s 1st Amendment Rights, and by their very station should have provided the students will some semblance of historical truth . I shall tell the nation how in Lexington, Kentucky officers of the Court would by their planned falsehoods and actions deliberately set about the task of setting into motion a situation that would bring about disruptions in the school system and community which would set the Confederate Flag in direct violation of all laws that would govern it’s acceptable public presence in the school system , and worse for all the National Civil Rights Department fail to respond to any request to investigate their criminal activity against the Flag. I shall tell the Southern people that it is they who through their very own actions support organizations  like NASCAR who deem the South as some place that their people buy their tickets and trinkets ,but can keep their offending Flag away from their tracks , because it’s presence is offending to it’s new public ; and further I shall tell them how men like Representative Robin Hayes of North Carolina,  can stand on national television and tout NASCAR as being the greatest sport in this nation as the people of the region he is suppose to represent are told to git with their Southern Cross by NASCAR.  I shall tell this nation and my Southern people how those who look like me are tired of not having their voices heard as the poverty pimps have climbed into bed with those who are tired of sending their children to Southern schools and having them listen to the song Dixie being played by their school bands, or of sending their corporate workers South and seeing the Christian Cross of St. Andrew flying in the breeze ; have climbed into bed with those who hate all things Southern , and make like it is the wishes of all Southern Blacks , while denying them of the ancestral glory earned by their families who not only went off to war to fight this invader of their homeland ;, the Southland of America , but also made all the implements of war, stayed at home and protected the families because the men were gone, and on and on it goes with Hollywood and all the historical revisionist excluding them and only using them to strike at the heart of the White man and his family of the South as they try to tell a tale which excludes not only the criminal behavior of Lincoln and those industrialist who pulled his chain, but also of those soldiers he commanded who raped, murdered and starved by their actions of looting, burning and stealing from innocent men, women and children as they scourged the South.
I shall tell all those along the way, that the time has come to heal this nations wounds of the past. The honor of our homeland and it’s people can only be returned with truth , and retribution. We can not continue to tout our nation as one founded on the principles of democratic rule and Christian ethics as we live in a forced stupor of rule forged at gun point with the actions of the 14th and 13th amendments that should all be revisited, and all past debts due the South paid.
I can only ask of those Americans who have a sense of fair play and decency to not abandon Candice of Latta, South Carolina, the babies of Blount County Tennessee, Texas, Kentucky , North Carolina , Missouri , Alabama , Georgia , Louisiana,  Arkansas, Mississippi , my baby girl Katelyn of Eutis High School in Florida who would have as Candice had, terror visit her door from the very place that truth should have been told ; her school ; nor forget in your charitable giving organizations like the Southern Legal Resource Center whose staff places above their own creature comforts, actions to defend as no other would , those who would make a stand in Dixie Land for those who can no longer make a stand for themselves, nor the Great State of the Honorable General Robert E. Lee , Virginia , that has been targeted as the place to end Southern pride.
Please keep me in your prayers and charity as I make my way once again into the annals of history in hopes that America and the rest of the world will see Southerners as a peaceful , loving and kind people who has endure much suffering as she helped move mankind from the cave of darkness to a glorious Renaissance that those who hate her does not want to fully share.
One can send pledges for this March to :P.O.Box 7215 , Asheville, N.C. 28801, in care of Terry Lee Edgerton( The Annabelle Edgerton Foundation ), or visit our web site to support this and our continued work.