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H.K. Edgerton

Date: October 30, 2007

Gentlemen: I attach photos taken yesterday during HK’s 5-mile walk through Roswell, GA. After the walk, we visited the Bulloch Hall Mansion (birthplace of Theodore Roosevelt’s mother, where we encountered a tour-group of sightseers and HK spoke to them for a few minutes; then we went to the Roswell Visitors Bureau; then to The Southern Skillet Restaurant for lunch (HK, myself, and fellow SCV Camp member Jim Jarocki).

In the pictures, the first one (in front of the Andretti sign) is our Roswell SCV Commander, Ray Barry standing with HK. The next one is of the undersigned with HK. The other pictures are self explanatory.

I have many additional photos taken yesterday should you have interest in seeing them.

It was an inspiration to be with HK and see his devotion to the Cause! We wish him Godspeed in his march to Texas.

Doug Allen
Adjutant, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Roswell Mills Camp 1547.
Roswell, GA

Tel. 770-998-6993