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March Across Dixie Re-Union March / An Open Report / Contemplation (November 5, 2007)

I do want to apologize to the Ms.Rita Birdsong and the Ladies of the Joe
Weeler Chapter #291 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy , and all of
the UDC Ladies,for not mentioning in my earlier report that it was they who
hosted the event for the Colonel Calvin Clack dedication in Pulaski,
Tennessee on Sunday, November 5, 2007. Let that be a notice to those… that
HK could use a Lap Top computer, because there are times when you don’t have
all your information right, so you don’t say anything, or get in a hurry and
forget, had I not got the Chapter name and number right, the ladies would
have had my head.

As I stod on the Edmund Petus Bridge, alongside the Johnson family, all of
us brandishing the Christian Cross of St. Andrew being interviewed by
Mr.George McDonald, a young Black man who because of his questions led me to
ask, of him his native origins,. He said that he was on of those Pseu-do
Southerners ; born in the South, but raised in the North.He said to me after
some hour or more ; to sum up in 30 seconds, the message that I had been
trying to convey to him for all that time. I thought at first, what an
unfair question. However, it was really simple. Freedom for those of us who
are Southern is embracing; and one should be proud to embrace the
Confederate Flag . It had been Terry Lee who had reminded me on our first
march, as we passed through La Grange, Georgia, of a great Southerner by the
name of Benjamin Hill, and of his estate in La Grange where not one of his
slaves deserted, nor one betrayed. Addressing a Constitution Convention in
1867, with bayonets all about him, with spies of the tyranical General John
Pope present to report his words to the Radicals in Washington, he spoke
these very words:” I pity the Colored people who have never been taught what
an oath is, or what the Constitution means. They are drawn up by a selfish
conclave of traitors to inflict death-blow on the Republic by swearing them
into falsehood. They are to begin their political life with perjury to
accomplish treason…they are neither legally nor morally responsible- it is
you, educated designing White men, who thus devote yourselves to the unholy
work, who are guilty parties. You prate about your loyalty. I look you in
the eye and denounce you…morally and legally perjured traitors…Ye
hypocrites! Ye whited sepulchers ! Ye mean in your hearts to deceive him,
and buy up the Negro vote for your own benefit.

And then, to the Radicals: Go on confiscating; arrest with warrant or
probable cause; destroy habeas corpus; deny trial by jury; abrogate State
Governments; defile your own race…on,on with your work of ruin, ye hell
born rioters in sacred things- but remember that for all these things the
people will call you to judgement. And to the Negroes: They tell you they
are your friends-it is false. These vile creatures never went with the army
except to steal spoons, jewlry and gold watches. They are too low to be
brave. They are dirty spawn, cast out from decent society,who come down here
to seek to use you to further their own base purposes…Improve yourselves;
learn to read and write; be industrious; lay up your means; acquire homes;
live in peace with your neighbors; drive off as you would a serpent the
miserable adventurers who come among you… and seek to foment among you
hatred of the decent white race.

When I entered Selma, I could see and feel the broken promises of the Star
and Stripes. Reconstruction put Black people in the social cess pool of
quicksand in America, we have been separated from our Southern White family,
and now we have began to see them separating from themselves. Just up the
road in South Carolina, MSNBC reported this very day that a man who would
stand in Yankee stadium wasting no time to stick it to the South,who began
his rhetoric touting the accomplishments of the North, one, being coming to
the South and freeing the African from the bondage place on him by the bad
old White man from the South; now leads all Republican candidates for
President in South Carolina. The young man before me kept saying that we as
people have to look within, he was right. The lady who looked at Selma and
called it Africa wasn’t a biggot. Her disdain for the things she saw was
surely her desire to propel me and my kind to excellence , but we must first
know who we are; as Black Southerners, we are a people who loyally stood by
her White family at a time when she fought her brother; the place of honor
that we earned for that stance was forced away mostly by gun point and
poverty pimps who climbed into bed with a man who had come to divide us. All
our children are forced to remember their ancestors in shame, when this
nation should be so very proud of the people of the South, no matter they
were called Slave or Master. No matter how much you subjugate us, there will
always be a Southerner making a stand in Dixie land for the principals of
the Constitution that are being once again circumvented away, and the
vindication of the Southern people. Until that day comes, another man will
as I have once again cross the Edmund Petus Bridge alongside his White
family brandishing the Confederate Flag, as his African ancestors had,with a
love for each other that remians a mystery to this day for those who live
and come from north of the Mason Dixie line.