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March Across Dixie Re-Union March / An Open Report / Vicksburg, Mississippi (November 12, 2007)

Today, November 12, 2007, I would once again make my way alongside Commander Allen Terrell of the Major General William T.Martin Camp # 590 of Natchez, Missippi and his Adjutant who I shall fondly refer to as Uncle Buddy; down highway 80 towards the town of Vicksburg, Mississippi and of course a stop at the Battlefield Park. We would later be accompanied by Commander Mike Webb and his beautiful wife Ms. Charlotte, she decked out in a beautiful period dress and he too as I was , adorned in the uniform of the Southern soldier.

All the way into Vicksburg, we would be greeted by the sound of honking horns and folks filled with pride who would sing out the rebel yell, or just plain waved as they passed us by. There would be so many high points for me on this day. As we stood on the grounds of the Old Courthouse where the Honorable Jefferson Davis gave his first speech for public office, the Curator would come out and invite us in as his guest. Never did I ever imagine the treat I woud be in store for. I would actually stand in the courtroom where the infamous Holt Collier woud be tried, and to top it off one of the very few rooms where President Davis and his wife would be honored in memorial. We would leave there and head to one of the oldest stores in town(the old drug store), where I would run into one of Mississippi’s oldest World War II Veterans, 92 year old Reverand Dennison, a Black man, who in no uncertain terms as Ms. Annie Rue had done 5 years back, let me know that it was his flag that I carried. Reverand Dennison had plenty stories to tell us including how he had preached all over the nation, and how it was his White friends who helped him get into the Army.

I would later join Commander Webb and his wife at a Sons meeting at Camp Moore, a site where many Confederate soldiers lost their lives to an outbreak of measels. I would again feel the love that I always try and tell those who will listen , as it again was bestowed upon me by all those who had come on this evening to hear Commander Webb tell of the Confederate Chaplin. It had not only been a great day in Dixie, but a very and cross over into the greate state of Louisiana. Please help us with your suport pledges as we move forward carrying to Texas a different tale than the one told by those who continue to seek to divide the family that we all call Southern. Those pledges should be sent to P.O. Box 7215, Asheville, N.C. 28801.