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Franklin Christmas Parade

On Sunday November, 2007, I would join the Jackson Rangers of the Sons of
Confederate Veterans in the annual Christmas Parade in Franklin, North
Carolina. For those who believe that there is no love for the Confederate
Flag, or her soldiers, in the Southland of America; please let me extend an
invitation to you to be present at an event such as the Christmas
Parade.There is a very brief, but deafening silence, followed by a loud
cheer, saluting, clapping and waving of hands,hugging, smiling and posing
for pictures from young and old , Red, Yellow, Black and White; when the men
wearing the Confederate gray pass by. One little young Black girl would say
to me as I had my arms draped around her. I am so glad to see a Black man
with those soldiers, now I have someone to cheer for too. I told her even if
I had not been there, that these men were her soldiers also, because we were
family in the Southland of America; so when you see them, you can cheer. She
gave me a great big smile !