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Midland, Texas – December 12, 2007

Wednesday morning, December 12, 2007, I would arrive in Midland, Texas,
where almost immediately I would began being treated like royalty by the
Mark Wilkins family who would serve as my host for the local Sons of
Confederate Veterans. Later in the evening I would dine as the guest of
honor of Ed Krevit- Texas Division 3Lt.Commander, West Texas Brigade
Commander, Camp #1441 Dunn-Holt-Midkiff SCV, Midland-Odessa, Texas,
alongside a local UDC President and members of the public and other family
members. Just as I had began to think that there could not be another honor
bestowed upon me on this trip; I would be presented with the following
letter(copy)and the accompanying medal:

Compatriot H.K. Edgerton December 12th, 2007
“March Across Dixie”
Midland, Texas

Dear Compatriot Edgerton,

I would like to personally thank you for your dedicated service to the
Dunn-Holt-Midkiff Camp #1441, the West Texas Brigade, and the Texas Division
of the Sons of Confederate Vetrans. Your knowledge of the War for Southern
Independence and specifiaclly your knowledge of the true history of the
Black man in this tragic conflict has been presented and shared by you with
the public in fine fashion. Our organization is very fortunate indeed to
have people such as yourself that are willing to give of their time and
share their knowledge with our community…

It is apparent to anyone that you are committed to the defense of “The
Cause”and because of your commitment I am honored to present you the “Davis
Guard Medal” and a framed picture of Major Dick Dowling. One hundred and
forty years ago upon hearing of the remarkable Confederate victory at
sabine Pass, President Jefferson Davis commissioned a medal to bestow upon
the men and officers of the Davis Guard. This medal was the only known honor
of its kind to be awarded to Confederate soldiers during the war. The Davis
Guards, forty-two artillerymen led by Lt. Dick Dowling,defeated an
overwhelming invasion force od over five thousand Union troops escorted by
five gun boats, preventing the establishment of abeachhead at the Sabine
Pass inlet, capturing two gunboats and over three hundred Union soldiers,
and completely routing the remainder of the invading force, all without a
single casualty among the defenders. To perpetuate the memory of these
heroes, the Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans has
commissioned an accurate replica of this rare “Davis Guard Medal” which may
be worn by anyone committed to the continued defense of “The Cause” for
which the Davis Guard fought. Like the Davis Guards, you too have proven
yourself to be a defender of Texas. If I can ever be of service to you,
please do not hesiate to call upon me.

For The South,

ED Krevit-Texas Division 3Lt. Commander
West Texas Brigade Commander
Camp # 1441 Dunn-Holt-Kidkiff SCV
Midland-Odessa, Texas

I am sure that my mom and dad and especially my great , great grandmother
Hattie are beaming with pride as are all those men and women who look like
and now find themselves in Heaven, and are called Southern.