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Manor, Texas – December 17, 2007

Monday morning December 17,2007, with H.W.Irby the Aide-De-Camp for the
Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans close behind me with his
big rig , and Colonel Lyons whose beautiful home that I always stay in while
I’m in Texas and another of my favorite people in the whole wide world, I
would now make my way from Manor, Texas into Austin , admist a whole lot of
honking horns, passerbys waving and shouting out their delight and even an
occasion blaring siren from the police vehicles that past me by. I did not
think that I would have the same sinking feeling that I had felt five years
ago when that historic journey had come to an end. However on this day, I
could not help but to feel somewhat sadden over the fact that I would miss
the love and comradery that had been heaped upon me everyday as I made my
way down the highway or to a podium carrying the Christian Cross of
St.Andrew while professing the love for my homeland, it’s people and the
Flag that I carried very proudly on this day. Surely had Jessee, Al, Rick or
even George spent one day, or even one mile alongside me; they too would
have witnessed a demonstration of love from a people all across the
southside of the Mason Dixon, Red, Black, White, and many a time Yellow, for
the Flag that I carried, and the memory of their love ones who had gone to
do battle with his brother for what he believed in, and the protection his
homeland that had been invaded.

State Commander Tim Manning had said it best in a letter he sent welcoming
me home to Texas.”We face many of the same challenges now that we faced when
you last visited us. The original Supreme Court Plaques remain boxed and out
of sight as we await the decision of the Appeals Court”. “Our children still
face derision and bigotry by school administrators bent on educating them
with the federally approved version of the War for Southern
Independence.”Our Christian flag of Saint Andrew is still disparaged during
political debates”. Commander Manning would go on to say;yet for all of
this, there remains hope for the future.From the love and many,many
conversations that I would have along the way on this journey as well as the
first, I can only concur with the Commander.There is a will and resolve
among the bravest and most patriotic lot of this land called America, and
they come from it’s Southland, and no matter how much those who hate all
things Southern, try to divide and separate us, or commit all their
resources to Southern social and cultural genocide; there shall always be
someone, be he Red, Yellow, Black, or White making a heroic stand in
Dixieland for those who have gone on to the venues of Heaven and who cannot
make an earthy stand for their good names.

As I close another chapter in my personal effort to help vindicate my
homeland; it had not been easy.I had entered Texas with a debt nearing
$11,000.00. I would leave Texas aided in part by one of the kindest men I
have ever known, and believe me, I can say, since I have picked up this
flag, quite a lot; only with a deficit of just over a manageable
$6,000.00.However, I can not help to feel somewhat neglected by so many,
especially since I have an email list of over 2,000 people who could have
donated less than $10.00 each and I would probably still be fighting in
Texas, even though a personal family matter would take me away from Texas a
day before I was suspose to leave. I hope that Commander Buie and Commander
Bostwich in San Marcos will keep a light burning in the window for me, and
Ms. Rubie will keep the catfish in the freezer for my return.May God Bless
Dixie, and send us a day that will vindicate us from a terrible wrong placed
upon an honorable people.

I would sign the nylon Battle Flag that I carried the last day, and on rainy
and windy days on this journey, pull it from my pole, and give it lovingly
to a man I shall always see as a Saint; my brother in Texas.Colonel Lyons
would also approve. I shall give the keynote speech for the Lee/Jackson
Banquet on January 1, 2008 in Martin, Tennessee hosted by the Jeffery Forest
Brigade, and sign and present the Texas Republic Flag to the Tennessee
Division that was presented to me by Commander Ed Krevit of the Texas
Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans that flew over the Midland
Center when I arrived there. I shall also sign and present my cotton flag
that was with me on this and many a journey, and present it to Ms.Laura, the
President of the North Carolina Order of the Confederate Rose that my mother
and our family love so much.God bless all of you who made my Re-Union so
memorable, and for your continued support.