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The Presidency / My Journey To South Carolina

Addressing the World Economic Forum on yesterday, Wednesday, January 23,
2008; our Secretary of State, the Honorable Secretary Rice said that too
much focus on history can become a prison for a nation. She also said that
this nation has no permanent enemies, and was a place where old animosities
were not past on to future generations, a nation that offered shared
endeavors of integrity.These perks that she put forward in an offering to
the nations gathered in seeking their support of our country and it’s policy
in the world markets. Yet as we face our national Presidential elections and
listen to Rudy Guilana tout the North for coming to the South to free the
slaves,remember the words that John McCain spoke of his disdain for the
Southern Cross and his efforts to ban it in memorial services in the
National Park, Mitt Romney’s declaration that he would never fly that thing
refering to the Southern Cross, the rhetoric of John Edwards that demeaned
it, and Hillary’s declaration that it’s presence on the grounds of the State
Capitol in Columbia was too Southern; only leaves one to suspect that her
words are disingenous.

Theere is no people on God’s earth who has had it’s history so maligned than
those who come from the Southland of America.We live in perpetual cycle of
hate as those who would destroy our social and cultural values teach our
children in a school system to only remember it’s ancestors in shame, and
those like the aformentioned can come groveling for votes and their support,
while feeling comfortable destroying the integrity of our heroes in order to
be politically correct in the body politic, no matter the mounds of evidence
that dispute their claims;evidence that is surpressed in our schools at a
pace that would make any dictatorship look like a picnic with the Pope.
Democracy as long as it’s not Southern or told from the Southern
perspective; nothing here that resembles shared integrity or the claims of

On Friday morning, January 25, I shall adorn the uniform of the Southern
soldier while brandishing the Southern Cross, stand at the Capitol steps and
monument that bears his glorious flag, in a reminder to those who come with
their tale to separate us while seeking our support and to those who freely
give it to them; that no man or woman who seeks not to end this war that
shall forever wage until the honor and dignity of Southern people and our
ancestors are returned; are worthy of the votes they seek to govern us from
the State that led the way for our Independence from our brother who would
bankrupt us, invade and burn our homes, rape our women, kill our animals and
destroy our food, and finally write a tale to defame and separate us.
Proudly I shall stand in a declaration of the honor and dignity earned by a
man who looked like me alongside his family in the defense of his homeland
for the very principles that Ms.Rice wished were true, and could be if she
and others did not sweep the truth under the table.

HK Edgerton