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My Schedule

Due to the  debts that I incurred on the Re-union March Across Dixie, I have cancelled the planned March to the Cumberland Gap of Tennessee in April.  It has been my desire for the last ten years to go there to find Ms. , Jeanie Cabelle ;  a dear lady who left a message on my answering machine that literally fueled my desire to champion the fight for the righteous Southern Cause, and to repay the kindness and support shown to me by the Tennessee Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, as well as the other Southern organizations and citizens there who find themselves daily under attack because they are Southern and love our Southern Cross. However, I look very much forward to joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans later this month in Cross City, Florida in the celebration of real Black History Month, which cannot be separated from Confederate History. I truly am flattered by the number of request that I have received from so many schools after returning home from Texas. However I just cannot afford to accommodate them, and do understand that many of them have limited resources also. I have spent  most of this month conducting interviews on local public access television and radio programs in and around the greater Asheville, Buncombe County area, and am pleased by the tremendous show of love that I have experienced in that venue, to include a generous donation from our Vice Mayor, Doctor Carl Mumpower who is running for the U.S. Congress. As I approach my 60th birthday on February 18, 2008, I only hope that I can muster up several more marches to include finishing the journey to the nations capitol. God bless you all, and Happy New Year.

Your brother,