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The Arrest Of Bazz Childress (Wingate Wyndham)

Having heard all the particulars from the Honorable Bazz Childress and having had consultation with the Honorable Roger McCredie, Administrative Director of the Southern Legal Resource Center and past National Heritage Defense Chair of the Sons of Confederate Veterans about the incident inside the hotel room of Wingate Wyndham during the National Sons of Confederate Veterans annual Re-union in Concord, North Carolina, where Mr. Childress was subjected to arrest because he refused to remove the Southern Cross without some interpretation of the contractual agreement from the owner that specified or warranted such removal. I can only draw from my experiences as an expert witness , civil rights activist and civil rights official to include the many hours spent in the courtroom with the Honorable Kirk D. Lyons ; a conclusion that a huge window of opportunity has been opened for those in the legal community who that have fought for so long defending the outrageous charges leveled against those who choose to openly display their love for Southern symbols, the Confederate Battle Flag being foremost in that display.

My only hope is that those who have so generously in the past supported the legal pieces de resistance( an outstanding item, or work ) of the Southern Legal Resource Center in cases like the recent victory in the Duty Case in Kentucky, will immediately open their coffers and provide the necessary support that could lead to huge ramifications for successful outcomes for future defense of Southern Heritage issues in the jurisprudence system in America. Mr. Childress should be commended for his actions that has opened this paramount window of opportunity.

HK Edgerton
Southern Heritage 411