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Black Confederate Soldiers

Dear Ms. Wood,

I brought to the attention of your email letter forwarded to me about the Veterans Administration denying headstones to those Black Confederate soldiers serving in Giles County and buried there to the Honorable Kirk D. Lyons and also to the Honorable Roger McCredie, the Director of the Southern Legal Resource Center. It would be most appreciative if you would provide documentation of your efforts to perform said task and also documentation on those soldiers.

It is very disturbing to me that the Veterans Administration has chosen to go down this very dark road. However, let me assure you that I shall give the matter my utmost attention. Their denial of these soldiers certainly cast a great deal of dispossession on the legitamancy of any Southern Black man who deemed himself to be considered a Confederate soldier and places all those who received pensions from the U.S. government for their Confederate service and their families in a state of fraud , and certainly those who have laid claims to be Sons of Confederate Soldiers would possibly have no legal bearing as such.

This action by the Veterans Administration certainly puts in jeopardy any plans that I might have for putting forward efforts to become the very first Black Commander In Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Please forward the requested information to : The Southern Legal Resource Center, P.O. Box 1235, Black Mountain, North Carolina 28711; attn: Roger or Kirk: Facimile (828) 669-5191, Telephone: (828) 669-5189.


HK Edgerton