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Re: Charges Dropped

From: HK Edgerton
Date: March 12, 2009
Subject: Re: Charges Dropped

Dear Ms. Faxon,

God bless you and thanks for the very kind words. I find Mr. Kniepp statements somewhat troubling. I don’t need or expect the NAACP to either recommend or disapprove my presence anywhere. However, I’m glad that you asked him to go ahead and ask. I speak nothing but the truth about my Southland and am not ashamed or do I offer any apologies for doing so. As a past NAACP Chapter President, I carry a badge of honor for fighting for the civil rights for all of God’s children; Red, Yellow,Black and White. That fight just doesn’t include attacking the Southern Cross, or the honorable Southerners who took up arms against those who would invade our Southern homeland.

The whole of the so called civilized world ( France, Great Britain, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, )was complicit in the economic institution of slavery and the list goes on and especially to include those African Chieftains of West Africa and most certainly the region of our country the North that wants to proclaim some false sense of virtuosity that does not belong to it in those regards.

I should have been at your Patriots Day event so I could have told some of those NAACP types and others like Mr. Kniepp about the real Patriots who not only wore the Confederate Gray, but came from a long line of family members who built and shaped this country, and no better Patriots ever lived. This fact starts right at the top with President Davis who modernized the U.S. army that was eventually used against him, or the Honorable General Robert E. Lee who gave over thirty years of his life in service in defense of the very Constitution that so many from the North would circumvent, and that includes Abraham Lincoln who would suspend the writ of habeas corpus , campaign for and champion the Corwin Amendment, and declare an unconstitutional war against the Southern people.

You can tell Mr. Kniepp and your committee; that patriot is defined by Webster’ s Dictionary as : one who loves his country ; and to defame , discredit, or detach the names of men like General Robert E. Lee, General Thomas ( Stonewall Jackson ) President Jefferson Davis, General Nathan Bedford Forrest, General Jubal Early, General William Paul Roberts, General Alfred Cumming, General Douglas Hancock Cooper, General John Rogers Cooke, General Patrick Ronayne Cleburne, General Francis Redding Tillou Nicholls, General Jesse Johnson Finley,General Stand Watie, General Stephen Dill Lee,General J.E.B. Stuart, General George Washington Custis Lee, General James Green Martin and General Thomas Lanier Clingman who are buried alongside my dear mother,( the only Black woman to receive a Confederate State Funeral and have a Heritage Award in her name by the North Carolina Order of the Confederate Rose ) in Riverside Cemetery in my hometown of Asheville, North Carolina, or any of the men who fought under their commands as just common folks who came to defend their homeland that had been invaded.

Or the thousands of African, freed or indentured like Holt Collier, Rev. Mack Lee, Napoleon Nelson, William Bibb, Sam Cullom, Nathan DeGraffenreid, Obsome Cunninghamm, George Hanna, Willie Jones, William Miller,Louis Nelson,Benjamin Moore, Sam Newsom, Matt Rivers, Charlie Whiteside, Ruff Abernathy, Polk Arnold, Alfred Brown and Alfred Scott Avant who fought alongside a man that they not only called Master, but family and friend. Mr. Kniepp like so many people from the North and those from the South who have inculcated into their thinking processes the Northern version of our Southern History cannot comprehend the bond of love between Black and White folks in the South that transcended the economic institution of slavery. Fear of the lash cannot explain it, and our Northern friends dismiss it as so many fairy tales. These Northerners miss a very important point. We are Southerners too. The average Black Confederate understood his duty without expectation of reward or promise of freedom, but knew that if he worked and struggled and fought hard for the Confederate Cause as a loyal subject, the white people of the South would do right by him.

To continue to use Southern Black folks as the weapon of choice against the honorable and most Patriotic section of this country that can be plainly attested to by just looking at now the numbers of our sons and daughters of the South who out number any who voluntarily serve the arm forces of this country is a travesty and injustice that can only be compared to regulating them to the status of rebels and traitors. Patrick Henry’s son wore the Confederate Gray and I am sure that he was as proud of him as my mother was of me when I stepped off into history along with her baby boy ( Terry Lee ),( our Southern family with a few Northerners sympathetic to the Southern cause) donned in the uniform of the Southern soldier, carrying the Southern Cross , marching some twenty miles or more, six days a week, from Asheville, North Carolina to Austin, Texas ( March Across Dixie ) , asking the then President George W. Bush to put back the Confederate Seal and General Lee’s Testimonial Plaquein in the Supreme Court Building in Austin to the men of the Republic of Texas for the honorable stand they made in defense of the Southern Confederacy, and most importantly the place of honor and dignity earned by the men and women who looked like my brother and I, in defense of our homeland, the Southland of America.

You tell them, Ms. Faxon, the truth will set you free. The dialogue that the new elected President wants to have about race and the coming together of the Sons of former slaves and former slave owners at the table of brotherhood has to come through the Southern Cross, we are ready, what are they afraid of?

Your brother,

Hk Edgerton


On Wed, Mar 11, 2009, wrote:

I went back through Damastus and found the story about Prof. Slap. What a perfect name for a Slap in the Face type guy. So interesting that security did not even know the story. That’s the way creeps like that work. They throw their weight around, wind up looking like a tyrant and bully, then slink off into the shadows and hope no one noticed. I am anxious to know what the newspaper printed about you.

Here is An update about you from Cumberland.

A member of our Sesquicentennial Committee Thomas Kniepp, State Park Ranger, felt that our Committee should contact the NAACP and get their opinion of whether we should have you present at any of our events, particularily the Patriots Day event. I told him go ahead, I had cancelled you already for April 18.

I reckon Mr. Kniepp slept through the last election. I don’t know how much more advancement he can give. I e-mailed their president, Yvonne Earvin, and asked could I attend their next NAACP meeting and she never replied. I guess I’ll just invite her to our Sesquicentennial Committee meetings and she may chose to become informed or decline. I will have you in Cumberland , Sir and it will be a fine day for all because you are an honorable and just man. Your heart is solid an pure. I will have something set up that will have alot of children around. They are still taught the whole thing was over slavery because the north had cities while the south farmed and believed in slavery. The arent taught slavery built those northern cities then the people were sold south or freed when the government paid off the owners up there. I substitute teach and see the crap taught our children. It really makes them ashamed to be southern. You make people proud. It’s wonderful.

Your sister,