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My First 50 Days as Commander In Chief Of the Sons of Confederate Veterans / An Open Letter

Dear Commander Manning,

I have began in earnest to look at the possibility of becoming not just the first Black Commander in Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, but also just what my priorities would be in the first 50 days of that leadership.

1. I would call a General Executive Council meeting and propose that the Judge Advocate- in Chief in conjunction with the Southern legal Resource Center prepare a series of lawsuits : (A.) Civil lawsuit seeking punitive damages for Content Discrimination and Defamation of Character against East Tennessee State University in it’s role to defame Black Confederate Soldiers. (B.) Same against the Department of Veterans Administration in it’s role in defaming Black Confederate Soldiers in Giles County Tennessee.(C. )Civil Lawsuit seeking punitive damages against the N.A.A.C.P. in it’s role to destroy the membership roll in a National 501C3 NonProfit Heritage Organization by the use of defamation of character practicies.( D.) Same against the Southern Poverty Law Center.

2. I would then direct the Chief of Heritage Defense, Chief of Protocol and Director of Field Operations to design and set up a Program of National Special Fund Raising Projects to finance these lawsuits.

3. Tour all SCV Camps with the express intent of increasing the membership in the National Organization.

4. Review Commander Mike Beck of Tennessee media approach to #3