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The Third 50 Days As Commander In Chief

Since the Great State of South Carolina where the move for Southern Independence began has become a target for a supposed economic boycott led by the cad of the NAACP, as Commander In Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, I would strongly propose to the Sons and Daughters of the Confederate Veterans, and to include all Southern Organizations as well as all citizens of the South to hold all their major events, vacations and meeting places in the State of South Carolina.

(2)  That in every county where there is a Sons of Confederate Veteran Camp, the Southern Cross be posted (Monday) for at least one hour at the beginning of every work week, preferably at their courthouse steps or places where Confederate Soldier monuments or plaques are erected.

(3)  A National Fund Raising Weekend Event be held in Columbia, South Carolina. Expectations would be that this be the largest gathering of Southerners since January 8, 2000. All funds raised would be used to fund the proposed lawsuits outlined in the second 50 days of my tenure as Commander In Chief.

(4)  A National Table Of Brotherhood Weekend Event be held in Columbia, South Carolina. This weekend event would summon the Sons and Daughters of former slaves and Sons and Daughters of former slave owners of the South and their families. Itinerary of events to be mandated by the National Heritage Defense Committee Chair and any adhoc committees or outside organizations of his discretion.

(5)  A National Weekend Event of Youth Recognition be held in Columbia, South Carolina whose purpose is to recognize the efforts of young people like: Emily McDonald of Tennessee, who made a Stand at Middle Tennessee State University to preserve the name of General Forrest at Forrest Hall; Jacqueline Duty of Kentucky and her Stand at her High School Prom; Justin Mikal Williams and his Stand in defense of the Southern Cross and my own personal honor at Oak Grove High School in Missouri; Candice Hardwick and her Stand for the Southern Cross at Latta High School; Tommy Defoe and his Stand for the Southern Cross at Anderson High School in Knoxville, Tennessee; Diamone Mays and her Stand for the Confederate Monument at the Buncombe County Courthouse in Asheville, North Carolina; and the memory of the men of the Hunley Crew, and on end on this list continues from the brave students of Hayes High in Texas to the young girls at Burelson High and Robert E. Lee High in Texas.