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Presumptuous / An Open Report

Yesterday, I would receive a telephone call from a dear friend and compatriot from the Great Republic of Texas. He would voice his concern that my published plans should I be elected Commander In Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans might be conceived as being overly presumptuous (overstepping due bounds, taking liberties, overbold), and perhaps could be perceived as some what disrespectful to Commander In Chief, Chuck McMichaels, and his Lt. Commander as well.

I assured him that I had a great deal of respect and love for both the Commander and Lt. Commander as well as for all the past Commanders who set on the General Executive Council of the Sons as well as for Past Commander Rick Griffin. And I hope that they might take a look at what I have proposed and see some merit in it, whether my name appears on the ballot or not.

I hope that my purpose can be conceived to encourage these great men to go forward with enlarged passions to save us who call ourselves Southern, and importantly American, as we all watch as the resources of the greatest people on earth are being squandered away and constitutional authority slowly eroding.

And give them the courage to say finally to the sons and daughters of the Southern slaves that this man who came from the North, as the Honorable Rev. R.L. Dabney said in his letter to Union Major General Howard of the Freedman’s Bureau, only as a pretended friend and deliverer to the African, and while he embraced them as his benefactor in all his simple confidence and joy, he thrust his sword through and through their hearts, in order to reach, with a flesh wound, the hated Southern white man who stood behind them, who they could not otherwise reach. And that same modus operandi is what now leads the attacks against our Southern symbols and the memory of the men and women, Red, Yellow, Black and White who made an honorable stand against those who invaded our homeland, “the Southland of America”.

It was after all the White people of the North who taught the southern Black man and arguably, southern Whites as well, that the White people of the South were the oppressors and enemies of the Black man. It is the duty and Charge of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to see that the true history of those who carried and died under the Christian Cross of St. Andrew be told. It is not only in the best interest of the South, but for this nation as well. Again I shall quote my dear friends from Louisiana, the Kennedy brothers: “The South Was Right”!