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Re: Slavery Study/Reparations Article

From: HK Edgerton
Date: April 13, 2009

Dear Ric,

Since it is clear that your politicians are bent on drafting a Bill of this kind; I would purely suggest that they include as an addendum to it, one that incorporates the study of Reconstruction and Northern War Crimes committed against the South, with the sole purpose of retribution to those Southern families who lost their property via burning, looting,outright robbery, and unlawful seizure of property by government agents.

I would add that if their study is inclusive of Northern participation in the slave trade as well as indentured servitude of Whites; the South will find a great deal of vindication and satisfaction. The Southern African slave was on a course of social vertical mobility unlike any in the annals of mankind who faced similar stations in life; had he been left to the care of the Southern Judeo- Christian modus operandi, and had the greedy King and Northern Industrialist heeded the cries of the South to discontinue bringing more slaves into the South.

I would welcome such a study if the men and women chose to study and present the findings of it included those folks of Southern ancestry who would bring forth: the commentary of great Southerners like the Honorable Rev. R.L. Dabney from Prince Edward County, Virginia, the Slave Chronicles, the thoughts of Booker T. Washington on the subject matter, to include a Yankee ; Grover Cleveland and his Keynote speech at a mass meeting held in New York City, April 14 in the interest of the Booker Washington Normal and Industrial Institute.

And I do agree with you that there are important issues facing this nation. However, there are none more important than the Southern social and cultural genocide that we face and the Cold War Between the States that continues as our children are forced to remember their ancestors in shame especially with the use of the Federal School system and judiciary that makes Hitler’s methods look like a picnic with the Pope . We as Southerners continue to watch as the spoils of the late unpleasantness are sent into other countries to reconstruct them when real reconstruction was never made here in the South.

That African earned a place of honor and dignity beside that man he called not only Master, but family and friend as together they brought the whole of the civilized world into a period of Renaissance. A world whose members were all complicit in the economic institution of slavery. However, a world with the help of a man who instituted an unconstitutional war upon his brothers laid upon their region (the Southland of America) the guilt and blame that should have been shared by not only themselves (the Northland of America) but others (Russia, France, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and the list goes on) for the slave trade and any horrors associated with it.

In conclusion, there are a lot of things in the body politic that we as the decendants of Southern slaves have to thank the Southern slave owner for and foremost among those in my mind is the nature of our spiritual well being, and a work ethic and education that helped us survive the actions of a tyrant who came to occupy our homeland; the Southland of America. Let the Study began.

Your Brother,

HK Edgerton