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An Open Letter to The Commander In Chief of the Sons Of Confederate Veterans / How Do I Continue To Fight

The State Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in great State of Florida, Mr. Doug Dawson, has issued an order that I not only speak at the Dedication Ceremony to be held in Tampa on April 25, 2009, but that if I attended that he would pull the entire Florida Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans from the event. He would not answer any of my calls to him so that I might get a reason for this decision that places me in extreme distress both mentally and certainly fiscally because of the funds I have spent preparing to attend and on educational merchandise that I bring to these events that serve as fund raiser for Southern Heritage 411.

I gathered that he used as his actions a letter that was generated by a suspended member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans attacking my character as his determining factor, even after the charges leveled against me in that letter were said to be false after they were investigated by Sons of Confederate Veterans National Heritage Defense Committee Chair, Mr. Daryl Starnes.

This action is remant of the action taken against me at Franklin, Tennesse several years back and is an uncomfortable trend that leads me to believe that it is time for the National body of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to hold conversation with me that will define any dissatisfaction they may have with my modus operandi, or if there is a feeling that I have done something they deem wrong, to have at least the honor to say it to my face and bring it forth.

The love and respect that I have for the organization, its members, their families and my homeland, the Southland of America, and the love that has been shown to me warrant a dignified response to my request for answers. I never want to be in a place that I am not wanted, but I shall not continue to run and hide because of the ostracizing efforts of those whose hidden agendas that I do not understand and will not qualify in a position that will hurt my Southern family.


HK Edgerton
Southern Heritage 411