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Re: About the NAACP’s Possible Boycott of Homestead, Florida Over Confederate States Organization?

Dear Elgin,

If the SLRC or Sons of Confederate Veterans are not aware of the described events in Miami-Dade, they are now. I have forwarded your email to all of them.

The demand that a Veterans organization to be excluded from a Veterans Day event is not American, holds no merit, and furthermore keeps the doors shut to King’s Dream that one day the sons of slaves and the sons of slave owners would some day sit down at the Table of Brotherhood.

Reinstatement of the Human Relations Board and having a Representative of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and United Daughters of the Confederacy as members would advance that Dream to great heights.

The NAACP is leading our Black family in the wrong direction. They have climbed into bed with those who came to the South to break our spirit, destroy our way of life, and further separate Southern White and Southern Black folks while destroying our Southern social culture. It is Reconstruction all over again. Our Black families were not traitors to the Southern cause.

It is a dishonor to make it so; whether you be a Southern bigot, carpet bagger, revisionist historian, or Yankee. America has done a terrible wrong to the Judeo/Christian White folks and arguably Southern Black folks as well by fueling the flames of hate with their lies and continued efforts to divide us, and it is high time to correct this wrong.