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War Memorial Jonesborough, TN

Dear Joe,

Just like East Tennessee State University, it looks like I will have to make a business call on the City of Jonesborough as soon as my schedule and funds permit, and I shall.

Your brother,



On Thu, May 21, 2009, Joe Adkins – wrote:

My Brothers H.K. and David,

I’m asking for your help on this one. Jonesborough, TN, the Yankee infested cesspool that I, unfortunately, call home, is putting up a brick veterans memorial, but they are not going to allow any Confederates on it.

I think it’s time to raise a fuss.

Read down through this email for more details.



—– Original Message —–

From: Scott
To: Joe Adkins
Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thanks Joe, You can start by just calling Abbey Miller at 753 1030. The more calls they start getting, the better.



Joe Adkins wrote:

Keep me posted on that and I’ll jump in on it. I like a good fight.



—– Original Message —–

From: Scott
Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2009

To All,

Here is a link to an article in the JC Press about the Park.

I had the opportunity to see Scott over the weekend. He mentioned that there was an “old coot” at the memorial who made the quote about R.E. Lee. This may be the same fellow mentioned in the article, Marion Light. My first thought would be is with what authority does Mr Light speak? I’m going down to Jonebrough to check things out there today after work and to try get the procedure to purchase a brick. Any number of names comes to mind that would be good. I’m not doubting Scott’s assessment of the situation, but I think it would be prudent to at least try to purchase a brick and see what happens. If refused, Scott and I talked about putting a petition together. This could be sent out to any number of SCV camps, reenactment units, any anyone else that is interested.

Let me clear about this. If CS solders are being exempted from this memorial, I will fight it! This simply can’t be allowed to stand with out being opposed. Stay tuned, and get ready!

Scott Koenig

************************************************** wrote:

I learned positively this week that no Confederate soldiers are allowed to be memorialized at the Jonesborough War memorial. I am in a difficult position since that city is a client of mine. I did express my dismay to the city( Bob Browning) and was told he had no idea why that stipulation was in place and was unaware of it. However; the man I met that was building it said, “I don’t care if it was Robert E. Lee, he can’t get in!”

I HEAVILY encourage a protest over this decision. I would hope a few of you would make inquires about placement of a brick and see what the response is directly to you, then lets organize a protest.

I particularly call upon Company “B” of the 19th Tennessee which spends thousands of dollars and countless hours remembering these same Washington Countians to step up.

I remain,

Your friend and Comrade,

Scott R. Templeton