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Jonesborough Parade

From: Joe Adkins –
Date: Mon, Jun 22, 2009

Forward this to your troops and to any other units you have contacts with.


A momentous day approaches. We are preparing to march into Jonesborough with a victory for truth, history, and honor. It is a victory for all of us, for as Jim Byington said, “Without the Confederates, there would have been no Union soldiers.”

It’s time to send that town a message that we are here, both US and CS. It’s time to get that town’s attention and tell them that we are tired of having Southern history, heritage, and Appalachian culture and folklore swept under the rug. It’s time to tell Jonesborough that we are tired of ourselves and our ancestors being treated like America’s bastard children.

This event is of such importance that my dear friend, Brother, and mentor H. K. Edgerton is coming to town to march with us.

Start getting your numbers to me. Send this email to Puddin’ Allen and any other groups that you have contact with. I’d like to go in there with at least 16 soldiers on each side, plus a US and CS Color Bearer, but I’ll take what I can get. We need one of the Union groups to bring a US flag and for the 19th Tennessee to bring theirs, as Co. B was formed right there in the town.

I’m out to send some subtle messages to Jonesborough. I want to rally the local people of that town. We have marched in Jonesborough a couple of times and have been well received by the public. Now let’s show the politically correct carpetbaggers and scalawags what we’ve got.

Order of Battle:

1. Battalion Commander. If nobody has any objections, I would like to lead the column as Col. Fulkerson. I took on that fight over the Veterans Memorial, so you can imagine how much I look forward to marching victorious into the town. I want to let them know this was a Confederate victory right off the bat and who did it to them.

2. Color Guard. I would like to have a US and CS combined color guard behind me. I would ask that H. K. bearing the 19th Tennessee’s flag and a Union color bearer with a US flag march side by side as a show of unity. I’m expecting a fair amount of psychological effect in that.

3. Confederate Troops. Again, I’m out to emphasize that this was a Confederate victory.

4. Union Troops. As a symbol of your standing behind us and supporting us. If the carpetbaggers and scalawags get their drawers in a wad, at least the last thing they’ll see go by will be a blue uniform, so maybe they’ll find some measure of comfort in that.

5. Civilians. The women and children certainly played their roles in that war. Period dress is better, modern dress is acceptable. The children are most welcome. Thanks to this victory, history is being preserved for them.

Please get your expected numbers to me by mid-late week. I’m going to go ahead and register us as Combined US, CS, & Civilian Civil War Reenactors tomorrow and will have more details at that time.

Joe Adkins
Camp # 1817
Sons of Confederate Veterans