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Julian Bond’s Speech

This afternoon, Tuesday, July 21, 2009, a local radio disc jockey, John Hayes, of station WRES FM in the city of Asheville, N.C., decided to play the speech of NAACP Board Chair, Julian Bond at the NAACP National Convention. Mr. Hayes is also President of the local Chapter of the NAACP.

Mr. Bond told those gathered and the national media that one of the targeted goals of the NAACP was to bring down the Confederate swastika wherever it is flown. My first thought was that Mr. Bond’s Board of Directors should have him removed from his position for his mimisdirected attempt to associate the Southern Cross with the swastika used by Hitler and the hate filled message that it contained. I would also surmise that Mr. Bond is directly responsible for 18 year old Michael Mitchell of Sarasota Military Academy firing a pistol into the chest of young Daniel Azeff just because Azeff waved a Confederate flag as they rode in a pickup truck on main street of Sarasota, Florida and now awaits trial for his actions, unable to post bail of $50,000 since April 25.

I would also surmise that Mr. Bond and the NAACP have caused the deaths and beatings of many others, including myself with these libelous rantings about the Southern Cross. Had he or his organization decided to take the high road and tell all these children about the true history of the flag and the honorable men and women who made an honorable stand in Dixie Land because their homeland had been invaded; then the dream of King and so many could easily be attained. Yet, Bond and others like him choose to fill their coffers by dividing Southern Whites and Southern Blacks with the same 1865 Reconstruction modus operandi of the Northern protagonist who now are hell bent on occupying our homeland, destroying our culture, breaking our spirit, turning us against each other, and making traitors and turncoats of Southern Blacks whose ancestors fought and died and earned a place of honor and dignity under the Christian Cross of St. Andrew. And who would be truly ashamed of the actions of those like Bond.

I would hope that those Jewish families whose ancestors fought beside the South under it’s great flag will be as offended as I am by Bond’s inane attempt to make an analogy of the Confederate Flag and the swastika of Hitler. And even further, I would hope that the officers of the Sons of Confederate Veterans who meet this very week in the great State of Arkansas would at least issue a proclamation of condemnation and demand a public apology from the NAACP Board of Directors, and ask for Bond’s resignation.