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An Open Letter To Jason

Dear Jason,

God bless you. I wish that you could have stood beside me at the Federal courthouse in Florence, South Carolina last Friday. You would have been very proud of the gracious response from so many Black folks and witnessed a pride that not many folks get to see or hear about. When several young Black girls sang out the Rebel Yell; the Sons of Confederate Veteran Commander of Florence and I were almost put to tears. I know that young Candice Hardwick would have been proud to hear the support she received when we related her story to so many folks; Black and White.

I hope that the producer who contacted me about doing a Documentary on Black Confederates has the courage to do so. He will discover the love of Jesus Christ amongst White and Black Southerners like no other place the world has ever seen. Slavery brought two of God’s children together , and the injustice of Northern Reconstruction policies has worked ever since to separate a miracle of love destined to serve as a guide for all of humanity.

In all of my travels, I find that the spirit of the Southern people has not been broken, in lieu of all the things forced upon us to those ends. And the one symbol that binds and distinguishes us, no matter how hard the Poverty Pimps, traitorous scalawags, brained washed citizenry, revisionist historians, and modern day carpetbaggers work to divide us; is the Confederate Battle Flag.

Dear Jason, I firmly believe that it was God’s plan to bring Southerners to this place in history as he did in the War Between the States. Never has the greatest democracy in the world needed the thought of the Southern leaders of that time, than we do now as we watch our country go through a metamorphosis feared by by those who founded it and wrote it’s governing laws. In the words of Ronnie and Donnie Kennedy of Louisiana; “The South Was Right”. And I am proud to be the Son of Former Slaves who has sat and sits at The Table of Brotherhood everyday with the Sons of Former Slave Masters in love.

Your Brother,
HK Edgerton