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Boyd Letter Attached

From: HK Edgerton,
Date: October 5, 2009

Dear Dr. Boyd,

While the return of my materials left with your Principal, Ms. Veita Jackson-Carter, in your letter appear to satisfy your determination of all liabilities owed to me, it does not entirely satisfy mine.

I shall remind you that some sort of agreement was made with those members of your community and your Principal, and it was your Principal who reneged on that agreement by banning the public from hearing my presentation that was to be so tailored to the Middle school students, their parents and teachers in a morning session and then so tailored to be presented to the High school students, their parents, teachers, and other interested members of the community in a later session. And further that after my presentation, the students would be allowed to vote on whether to continue wearing apparel that depicted the Southern Cross.

I find it very annoying that you did not comment in your letter about Ms. Veita Jackson-Carter’s actions, or is it that you support them? From what I have been able to acertain from many of the parents of the children who attend Hawthorne- Middle High and from my personal observations from the short time I spent there, Ms. Jackson-Carter, an employee of yours used her own personal biases to concoct an elaborate scheme to rid the school environment from any depiction of the Confederate Flag.

While there was no complaint lodged to either your office, the School Board, or any other governing entity, Ms. Veita Jackson-Carter set upon a course of actions to complete her ruse, which I now accertain that I in some way was made an unwitting part of that scheme. She not only betrayed the trust of the community that she was hired to serve by trying to pit the young Black students against the young White students using the Christian Cross of St. Andrew as her weapon of choice, but has also caused the White parents of your school community to wonder what other bias that she might have against their children, and arguably the Black parents to wonder to what lengths she will go to use their children to satisfy whatever dark agenda she has planned.

As I pointed out in my previous email message to you, the Supreme Court in Tinker ruled that an Administrator such as yours cannot just arbitrarily take away the limited First Amendment Rights of these school children by banning symbols or display of those like the flag without some substancial evidence of a disturbance, or reasonable determination that the display will cause a disturbance in the school process. At Hawthrone-Middle High, there was nothing other than the personal biases of Ms. Jackson-Carter.

I came to your school in good faith hoping that I could bring some understanding to your students and community of the place of honor and dignity earned by a man who looked like me beside a man that he not only called Master, but also Family and Friend, not only during the War for Southern Independence, but also before, as together they built the economies of the entire civilized world that was complicit in the economic institution of slavery. And of the love that existed between this Southern man called master and this Southern man called slave in lieu of the institution of slavery. However, your Principal, Ms.Veita Jackson-Carter would attempt to sabotage even this by limiting my presentation to only 15 minutes.

In conclusion, I shall copy this correspondence to the Alachua County School Board, the Alachua County District Attorney, Dixie Outfitters, and to my Attorney for disposal. May God bless you sir.

HK Edgerton
Southern Heritage 411