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Hawthrone Middle/High Confederate Flag & H.K. Edgerton

Dear Superintendent Boyd,

After being made privy to your remarks of not only the issue of the Confederate flag in your school district, and the so called racial tensions of 2007, I am more disturbed about the intentions and conduct of your employee, Ms. Veita Jackson- Carter (Principal), and you, as it relates to my visit to Hawthorne Middle/High on the morning of September 14, 2009.

You speak of swastikas, the KKK and the Confederate Flag as if they are one and the same, and contend with your implications that these Black children have no ownership in the Confederate Flag and should view the Confederate Flag as the promulgation of racial tensions. Make no never mind that the Stars and Stripes flew over the slave ships that brought their ancestors to these shores. Make no never mind that the Stars and Stripes flew over the government that made slavery legal in the Constitution that governed the national law. Make no never mind that the Supreme Court of the United States that ushered in the Jim Crow laws had one descending vote, and that being one lone former Southern plantation owner who felt that the South did not need to be separated from a people that Southern Whites not only knew but loved in lieu of all the things that the North had done during so called Reconstruction to divide and separate Black folks and White folks in the South.

I came to your school on that September morning in hopes to not only heal a rift that might exist between little young Black and White babies because they had not been taught about the love that existed between Southern White folks and Southern Black folks in lieu of the economic institution of slavery that the whole of the so called civilized world had participated in. And of the place of honor and dignity that a man called slave had earned alongside a man he called not only Master, but also family and friend under the banner of the Southern Cross. An honor that the federal school system that you supervise has stripped from the annals of history and now contend with the poverty pimps who fill their coffers that little Black babies should associate our flag as the purveyor of slavery.

I don’t know what the intentions of Ms. Veita Jackson-Carter was on that September morning, but to have knowledge withheld from me about the time span of 2007 and 2008 that you define, and to leave me sitting alone donned in the uniform of the Southern soldier, carrying his glorious banner, with a shorten time to adequately explain to these children all the aforementioned, and a do not disturb order given to her staff after putting a bulls eye on my chest is very disturbing.

I have no idea of your place of birth, but should you be from the South, you know that I speak the truth, and no matter the size of your check, you should be ashamed to be in a position to heal the rift placed between these young Black and White children because of a taught lie.

I shall continue contemplating with my attorney bringing actions both civil and criminal against your administration.


H.K. Edgerton
Southern Heritage 411

cc: Mr. William J. Cervone
District Attorney Alachua County