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An Outlined Open Report / November 09 / Good, Bad, Ugly

An Open Report November 2009

The Good: LT. Commander Beck of the Sons of Confederate Veterans announces his run for the State Commander office for the Tennessee Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

2. My sister, Betty Lou would go home to Jesus.

The Bad: Davey Crockett High School Principal in Jonesborough, Tennessee bans the Southern Cross after a show of affection that the students convey at a burial ceremony of one of their peers by displaying the Battle Flag, and later returning to school honoring him by wearing their Dixie Outfitters shirts.

2. Trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania cancelled.

3. Sons of Confederate Veterans banned from carrying the Southern Cross in Knoxville, Tennessee by the American Legion Post #2 in
the annual Veterans Day Parade.

4. American Red Cross (Homestead, Florida) Boy Scouts of America (Homestead, Florida), Veterans of Foreign Wars (Homestead,
Florida) support the banning of the Sons of Confederate Veterans from marching in the Veterans Day Parade.

The Ugly: I would watch my girl friend Kelly embraced in the arms of man wearing a Yankee cap from across the street at the annual Christmas Parade in Asheville, N.C. for over thirty minutes, and then again at the annual Thanksgiving dinner at her moms house on Thanksgiving night.

Conclusion: I shall hold a three hour vigil donned in the uniform of the Southern soldier at the front door of Crockett High School of Jonesborough, Tennessee, on Monday morning December 1, 2009, commencing at 6:45AM.