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The Gilson Diatribe / An Open Letter

I read the rantings of this young man who reports his name as Gilson with a great sense that he first of all was not a Southerner , and would put the Hate Mongerer Julian Bond to shame. Bond on one hand fills his personal coffers with his nonsensical ramblings about the Southern Cross; but why I asked myself would this young man who professes that he was a native of Austin, Texas climb into a dark hole of traitorous discourse? And sense he has chosen me as his vide; I am compelled to respond to some of this turpitude.

First of all, I would like to see the data and poll that was taken to lead him to believe that there is a significant number of White racists that are laughing and making fun of me for making a stand for my homeland and it’s honorable people. And as far as racism in the South, Mr. Gilson must not have visited Lincoln’s Illinois, or any of the Northern States that banned Free men of color from their territories. And as for as the prejudices that I have experienced in my life are concerned, they are minuscule in comparison to those faced by the Southern White populate because of the propitiation of the Northern public school system instituted here in the South in 1865 that has led to propagandist like Mr. Gilson who seems to believe the stories of Northern virtue in it’s illegal campaign against the South in 1861.

And of Mr. Gilson’s assumption as it relates to the War Between the States; that I make my stand on the wrong side, and that I am waving the flag that the Ku Klux Klan waves. Let me remind him that I am from the Southland of America , and just as my African ancestors did when our homeland was invaded , I stand with and alongside my Southern family in lieu of any problems that we may have with each other , most of which are Northern in provenience, especially during the period of so called Reconstruction. And God bless the Ku Klux Klan that broke the back of Reconstruction here in the South as Northern Carpetbaggers, and scalawags of all sorts did any and everything to turn the Judeo/ Christian White folks against a man that he had come to love regardless of his station as a slave, and was ready to do right by him in his status as a freedman.

And let me remind Mr. Gilson that the reason that the Honorable General Nathan Bedford Forrest disbanded the Klan was because the Northern white man came here to the South and began to disguise himself as Southern Klan and began committing all sorts of atrocities against our people. Let me remind him that right on the Capitol Mall where just recently, a mulatto American in a ceremony took the highest office in the land, in 1925, the largest gathering of the Ku Klan Klan took place, and of the thousands of flags flying, all were the Stars and Stripes and not one Confederate Flag.

And let me remind Mr. Gilson that when the Congress of the United States sent the pyromaniac Sherman to arrest and bring the Honorable General Nathan Bed Forrest to their Klan trials with every intentions of hangging him for the actions of the Klan. They had to find him innocent because they understood full well that he had protected the Southern people, Red, Yellow, Black and White from the lawlessness of the Union League, Carpetbaggers, and Southern Scalawags who had climbed into bed with them to commit heinous crimes that even they were ashamed and repulsed by.

And as far as Mr. Gilson’s assumption that if the South had won the War, that Slavery would have continued a lot longer, and might be still going on today. To the former, I might agree. The Christian White folks in the South knew and understood what real emancipation meant for a man. They had already began practicing it. They knew that a man needed a trade, shelter, and money to provide for himself and his family, and when they set a man free, they saw to it that these are the things he had. The Great Commonwealth of Virginia was working very hard on freeing it’s slaves in dignity right up to the days before the war. And with the Industrial Revolution upon them, unlike Lincoln who only wanted colonization for the African people, the Southern White man was ready to do right by him as a brother in a country that he could now call his own.

I just want to tell Mr. Gilson in conclusion that the Northern White man didn’t even do right by his Southern White brother, then or now as he continues to spout his revisionist history in ways to make himself virtuous and paint an image of the Southern White man as evil and traitorous. I’ve studied the man Lincoln, his support of the Corwin Amendment, the Morrill Tariff, the Battle of the Craters, the burning of the Southland, Camp Douglas, the Union Armies treatment of it’s Black soldiers, Reconstruction, the Union League, Jim Crowe, the Public School System, the 10th Amendment, the 14th Amendment, and on and on up to the modern day Reconstruction operandi to usher in Southern social , cultural genocide using unsuspecting Southern Black folks as the weapon of choice. And lastly, I am a proud American who just happens to be from the Southland of America who deserves a better deal than the one that a man from the North placed upon her to cover up the crimes committed by a tyrant who led an honorable people from the North against her with a total warfare policy against innocent civilians as he murdered, raped, robbed and burned himself to a victory that this modern civilization would insist he stand trial for crimes against humanity. And Mr. Gilson if you would like to do something good, please send me a donation today to 71 Bufffalo Street, Asheville, N.C. 28806, so that I may continue with my 7 year Anniversary of the March Across Dixie. God Bless you.

HK Edgerton