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Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009
From: john strickland –

I saw your name on a newsprint concerning the athiest who was sworn in on the council.
I had never heard of you before and I wish I had not heard of you today.

I am shocked that a god fearing man would try to enforce his personal views over another man.
After looking at your web site and your celibration of the symbol of southern slavery I am outraged.

I grew up in the segregrated south. All of my friends, nieghbors, aunts, uncles and school teachers taught us kids that blacks were dirty, immoral, and ignorant. Fortunatly I never bought into that way of thinking.

Using you as an example they could have been right all along and I may have to re think my attitude toward blacks. How can a black man after all of the progress made decide that he is right and try to force his views on every one else? How can you proudly display that flag?

When whites enforced their white supremacy views on blacks it was not right. You are a disgrace to the black race and I am sorry I stumbled on your name.



Dear Mr. Strickland,

In you letter, you assert that I am forcing my personal opinion off on folks as though I wrote the North Carolina Constitution. I neither wrote it’s Preamble , even though I truly believe in the God it alludes to within the content, or Article section 7, or section 8. I merely asked the question, does the City Council of Asheville, place itself above the law by seating a person who is a self proclaimed atheist, when the State Constitution proclaims said person disqualified.

Having said, whether it’s HK Edgerton, or Henry P. Pop squally, as a Citizen of the State, I and many others like me who just happen to believe in the almighty God, and the procedure that brought us to a State Constitution , asked a question when we saw the content thereof violated without due process. Somebody has the responsibility to amend the contents if they are not legal, or define to the people that the document is historical, and it’s content not enforceable.

And you dear Sir, like others chose to drag my Honorable Southern Flag into the fray. Certainly there are similarities here in the question of States Rights. And you are in company with high company who have concluded that there is no such animal, and that the U.S. Constitution trumps the State. However, somebody, or Body who is in charge of my Constitution has defied said interpretation, and it’s posted contents are to be interpreted by it’s citizenry as legal binding law.It has not been amended by the State.Thereby the City of Asheville, it’s Council. the Board of Election , and possibly others have broken the law.

And Sir, I don’t know the company you keep are grew up with, but I too grew up in the Jim Crowe South, and knew other men who were some of the most powerful in the City and Country, to include the Honorable Rev., Doctor Billy Graham , who expressed to me and others of my peers to keep good manners , work hard ,get an education that would give you the ability to barter your services, be law abiding, keep your faith in the Almighty God, and you will be alright!

And Sir your attack upon my Flag, in all essence as all a part of the planned modus operandi to accomplish Southern Social Cultural genocide: No more, no Sir, Yes Sir, Thank you mam please, Our Father Who Art In Heaven, Hallow be thy name. Your so proclaimed acclamations at virtuosity is merely synonymous of the Northern ploy to make itself look good , and hide from the world the atrocities heaped upon the Southern people before, during and after the War Between the States.

And Sir, you continue your indictment of my character because you and Hollywood can find no profit in accepting the place of honor and dignity earned by the African people of the Southland of America, beside a man whose convictions they shared , and paramount that their homeland had been invaded and need protection from the man who invaded it with a total war policy supported by a President who condoned, rewarded, and supported the criminal acts of rape, burning, looting, killing, robbing, of innocent men, women, and children.

You have done everything you could to turn Southern White folks, and Southern Black folks against each other. You gave us Jim Crowe, and the Southern White man taught Black folk how to do business,and funds to do business, then you came back and gave us integration; took our business, property and used it for your very own brand of urban renewal, gave us dope for our children to sell, drive by shootings, gangs, high rise buildings with no place for our old folk to stretch. Then you want to further divide us by making Black folks traitors to their Southern homeland by promoting a historical inaccuracy that does not tell the truth.

And Sir, I hope that by visiting my web site that you also came away with the conclusion that I am a loyal Southern Black who has concluded that his ancestors, the whole of the Southern African who remained loyal to their Southern family did the right thing. And no matter how hard to hide the facts, it is conclusive that the Southern black, be he free or indentured, military or civilian, earned a place of honor under the Southern Cross. So you have a good day.