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Martin Luther King Peace March – Cross City, Florida / A Request For Sponsorship

For several years running, the Dixie Defenders of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Cross City , Florida under the leadership of the Honorable Joe Sparcino would sponsor during Black History Month a program and banquet honoring the memory of the Black confederate soldier. In attendance would be many prominent members of the community including State Commander of the Sons, the Honorable Doug Dawson and the Honorable Harry Hurst of Ocala, Florida whose Camp would duplicate the efforts of the Dixie Defenders by hosting a similar program.

This year in an attempt to reward the efforts of Commander Sparcino’s leadership, Ms. Angela Carter, who Chairs the annual Martin Luther King Peace March, has invited the Sons of Confederate Veterans Dixie Defenders Camp to march alongside the Black community in the Peace March on January 18, 2010, and have invited my brother Terry Lee and I to attend.

Considering the situation in Homestead, Florida where the Sons were banned from marching in the Veterans Day Parade, and right down the road in Hawthorne, Florida at Hawthorne Middle/High School where the wearing of Dixie Outfitters apparel and the Southern Cross was banned, and now the pressing issue of the Confederate License Plate which is soon to come before the Legislature of Florida, this event could have far reaching positive effects not only in the State of Florida, but nationally for the vindication of Southern Heritage, and the realization of King’s dream of the Table of Brotherhood.

This letter is an open plea to those who have supported our efforts to send us a love offering of support, and sponsorship so that we might attend this event. We hope to leave on Sunday morning, January 17, 2010. This may well be one of the most important events in this decade for the coming together of our Southern family. Please help us to make it a reality. Sponsorship donations can be sent to myself: 71 Buffalo Street, Asheville, N.C. 28806.

Your brother,
HK Edgerton