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An Open Letter / What To Do Next? / City Of Asheville

From: HK Edgerton –
Date: January 13, 2010

Dear Attorney Lyons,

I have contacted the Lt. Governor of the State of North Carolina about Article VI 6, section 7 & 8 of our State Constitution and the violation of its charge by the City Council of Asheville, North Carolina in the seating of and doing business of the city with a professed atheist while knowing it is a declared breach of Constitutional law. The Lt. Governor would only vacillate in his response and move the subject to a course of legal opinion.

I would then contact the North Carolina Department of Justice and it’s head, the State Attorney General, who would not even respond to my inquiry as to why the City would be allowed to continue on its apparent unlawful conduct of the peoples business.

I have been slandered and misquoted by some members of the media nationally and internationally on this matter while seeking an answer as to why this municipality can be allowed to place itself in operation above the law.

I have sought the aid of the Rutherford Institute, and the Southern Legal Resource Center in hopes to bring both criminal and civil action against this body and the Board of Elections who should have sought clarification on the eligibility of the candidate before he was allowed to run or be seated as a member of this body.

It is my belief that any and all business conducted by this Council with a vote by the disqualified member is null and void, and any grants, loans or actions, or policy decisions should not be binding.

I shall confer with the Sheriff and Chief of Police about making a citizens arrest of the entire body if they continue on this course without the matter being resolved in an Amendment of the State Constitution as prescribed by law, or a clarification by the State Attorney General as to the effect that what they do is legal.

H.K. Edgerton
Southern Heritage 411