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Retraction And Apology For News Report

ABC News Affiliate WLOS Channel 13 TV news Anchor Ms. Darcel Grimes, in the City of Asheville, North Carolina, would report on the 11:00 PM news commentary that in a rural town in Southern Georgia, the Ku Klux Klan would gather and have on display the Confederate Flag. She would go on to say that the NAACP would hold a similar gathering across the street, and would issue a statement that there was no place for hatred in the year 2010.

Ironically because the National Sons of Confederate Veterans leadership had issued many condemnations to the Klan for using the Confederate Battle Flag or the Confederate Naval Jack at such gatherings, the National leadership of the Klan had vowed that they neither needed to, or would use the Confederate Flag because they had their very own flag.

Had Ms. Grimes or ABC done their homework, they would have known that the flag on display was neither the Confederate Battle Flag or the Confederate Naval Jack, but the unofficial old Georgia State Flag. And it is also ironic that the NAACP would condemn hatred after not only the hate filled message issued by Julian Bond at their last National Convention about this Congressional Venerated Flag, but also the hate filled message in the resolution issued by the national body directed towards the Southern Cross.

Ms. Grimes and ABC News should issue an immediate retraction of the news report of February 22, 2010.

HK Edgerton
Southern Heritage 411