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Re: Retraction And Apology For News Report

Needless to say, ABC News affiliate Channel 13 would not clarify or retract the misinformation of the report asked for in the email message of February 23, 2010. However, it is important to expound upon another statement made by Ms. Grimes. “The FBI reports that there is a resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan in the South.”

First of all, let us ask ourselves as Black Southerners why the resurgence affects us, and we don’t have to go all the way to southern Georgia to find an answer, Asheville will do just fine? Will Blacks fall for the trick of the Reconstruction modus operandi once again as our Yankee friends come to their communities in vast numbers with smiling faces and integration and urbanization as their gifts for support against their Southern white brother and the social structure that they share?

Resultant Klan Thought

Slowly all the Black business is gone, Black grandparents are removed from their homes, and placed in senior citizen high rise buildings. Black children no longer go home and find them there, telling them to take off your school clothes, do your chores, do your homework, and you have twenty minutes to play before dark and come in, take a bath, say your prayers and get into bed.

Black schools are closed. Black teachers are forced into retirement and told that somehow them teaching a square plus b square is equal to c square gives less meaning to the theorem. The schools are turned into community centers, and Black children are told they need more time to play in these dens of iniquity that now teach fornication, drug dealing, and gang banging.

Black children are told that service related industry jobs are now below their station as they watch them taken over by illegal immigrants whose children are rewarded with state grants and scholarships to prestigious schools.

No more yes sir, no sir, yes mam, no mam, thank you, please. No more our father who art in Heaven, hallow be thy name, to begin their day in the supposed Bible Belt. Black families are now forced to watch as ruling councils and commissions and boards are filled by those who believe not in the word of the almighty God, and who defy the rule of law of the State Constitution by serving in public office creating laws, policies, and levying outrageous fees, fines, and taxes that the citizenry must adhere to.

Perfect examples; one day late in a water payment in the city of Asheville will cost you as much as 7/8 of the total cost paid for water consumption for a month. Buildings being built so high that one can no longer see the skyline. Drive by shootings. Men kissing men and women kissing women in the streets as policies are being passed to support these actions against the teachings of the Bible.

Will Southern Blacks ever come to understand that the expressed anger of the Klan against them, and the attack on the Confederate Flag, has nothing to do with the Southern White man’s complicity in the economic institution of slavery, or support of, but more about history repeating itself as our Northern friends have come again with the stick of big government to render in a period of Southern social and cultural genocide, using the only weapon that has proved to be effective; the Southern Black man. And depending on the fact that this man has no knowledge of the place of honor that he earned beside a man he called not only master, but family and friend before, during, and after the War for Southern Independence.

In a nut shell, the Klan hates Black folks because they have allowed themselves to climb into bed with his brother from the North who cares not for their welfare, but for his own ill gotten gain, and now tricks them as he has done since the establishment of the public school system and the so called Freedman’s Bureau in 1865.

However, it is imperative that the Klan never forget, and get it right this time, the majority of Southern Blacks are loyal to their homeland, the Southland of America. And no matter what historical revisionist, or the lack of Hollywood telling their tales of honor earned before, during and after the War for Southern Independence, or the lack of heroes and heroines and their legends of bravery told during so called Black History Month, it is a matter of fact some day just like God will vindicate the Southern White man, so shall he vindicate the Southern Black man.