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The Stench of Pat McCory

From: HK Edgerton –
Date: March 1, 2010
To: tribune editor –

Dear David,

There is something seriously wrong with the White Republicans of Buncombe County who call themselves Southern. It is not enough to champion the name of Lincoln at their major fund raiser – the so called Lincoln/Reagan Banquet, but to invite the Yankee transplant scalawag former Mayor of Charlotte, Pat McCory, to be their guest speaker is sickening.

He is the same man who led the way to remove the Confederate Flag from over the graves of the Confederate Soldiers in Elmwood Cemetery in Charlotte. Even at the protest of a Black minister whose congregation is located in the ward of the cemetery, McCory also led the fight to change the name of Stonewall Street in the city. As a Southern Black man who knows what the great General Stonewall Jackson did to bring the African people to the Almighty God, and to educate them during a time when it was illegal to do so, I would be less than a man not to stand and champion his memory, and stand against anyone who would do the latter.

The stench of Pat McCory taints my hometown, and shames me to be called a Buncombe County Republican.

HK Edgerton