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Thanks to the Children of the Confederacy / an Open Report

In a time of supposed economic strife, the fact that the Children of the Confederacy would raise and send funds to me is so humbling. And I want to express my gratitude and thanks for this show of love and faith.

I watched as the court case of the Honorable Paul McClaren of Mississippi fell to the sidelines because of a lack of funds to move it forward, and truly anguished because as Southerners we would not fight for the Mississippi State Flag. And now I wish that we had taken this case to the babies for help as well as we should have taken the Dupont court case in Richmond to them. Now more than ever, their showing of love and support invigorates my will to fight for my Southern family against the national wrongs heaped upon our homeland and the symbol of not only our soldiers , but of the millions of people who call themselves Southern.

Again, I thank my babies for their munificence , and the many others who have done the same. I pray to God as I move forward to make you all proud.

Your brother,