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From: HK Edgerton –
Date: Thu, Sep 16, 2010

Dear Dewey,

At 5:00 am this morning, Thursday, September 16, 2010, Fox News would show a black reporter interviewing people at the Tea Party event held on September 12, 2010. Each person interviewed would be asked the same questtion: Do you see any people of color around here? Every person he asked just happened to be either a Black or Latino.

One lady he happened to be Karen, a young Southern Black lady who just happened to be wearing my new Dixie Outfitters shirt. Karen had promised me that she was going to wear it to the District. And just a Southern lady, true to her word, there she was.

I have been out all week with my flag in what I call my street lecturing, and uplifting the spirits of my Southern Family time. I was so inspired by Karen that I had on my new shirt this morning as I stood at the corner of Main in Black Mountain, N.C. as I heard a bevy of cries from those who passed or got out of their cars to pose with me for a picture.

God bless Karen, and God bless Dixie Outfitters for making Karen and I look so fine.

Your brother,