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It’s Not Just Confederate History – It’s American History

David Tatum, Jr:

HK. I am currently embedded in a fight with Kenin Levin, He is trying to wipe the memory of Black Confederates into the memory hole. Its not just Black history,or Confederate history its American History and I will not yield.


Dear David,

God bless you. You can give my speeches from now on. With the establishment of the public school system and the so called Freedmans Bureau in 1865, a concentrated effort began to dumb our children of the honorable effort made by all Southerners, Red, Yellow, Black and White in defense of our homeland that had been illegally invaded.

I’d like to talk about the role of the Black Union soldier in the segregated Union army who found himself at the front of the battle lines with sabres held at his back by his Union counterpart. I’d like to talk about him receiving half the pay for his services performed . I’d like to talk about how his wives were used by his white Union counterpart as concubines . I’d like to talk about what his Union counterpart did to him at the Battle of the Crater.

Never mind that the Black Confederate soldier who was not serving legally, received the same pay as his White counterpart and served in an integrated army gaining honors for himself .

Ask Denzelle Washington who co-starred in the picture Glory; what kind of glory it is to go out in the line of battle, and then have your own men shoot at you as return. I’d like to talk about the role of the Black Union soldier and his White counterpart in the Union League that made the Ku Klux Klan look like a picnic with the Pope, as they terrorized the South during so called Reconstruction,; rapping, stealing, murdering and forcing the so called freed Black southerner to vote for the Radical Republican Party of Lincoln .

The names of men like Levi Carnine, Holt Collier, Dick Poplar, Napoleon Nelson, Ben Davis, Henry Winfield, Sam Cullom, George Mills, Rev. Mack Lee, or Horace King who was a famous builder of bridges and built the spiral stair case in the Capitol in Montgomery, or Mississippi House of Representative John F. Harris , former slave and like all the forementioned men; Black Confederate soldiers whose deeds and services for their homeland, the Southland of America beside a man he called not only Master, but family and friend, or those deeds of his Black family on plantations all across the South making the implements of war, providing the food stuffs for General Lee’s army , helping to protect the families of the men who were away from an invader who declared with the sanction of Lincoln; a total war policy on defenseless men , women and children as they raped, burned, murder and stole their way across the South; alludeds Hollywood and the revisionist writers of the North who control print and visual media.

And this include the voices and deeds of their contemporary ancestors like Bob Harris, Nelson Windbush, Stanley Lott , and to include myself who made the Historic March Across Dixie to the sound of cheers , and the giving of love down the same highway donned in the uniform of the Southern soldier, carrying the Southern Cross ,that King, Lowery, Jackson and the Black Panther Party took amid boos and jeers.